The Joy of Treating Tiny Teeth: Why Pediatric Dentistry Might Be Your Perfect Career

There were 73.1 million children in the United States which is 22.1% of the population, according to the US Census survey. And this population is only going to grow in the future. 

What does this mean for you? Well, if you are choosing a career, particularly in dentistry, then pediatric dentistry is the way to go. 

A lot of these children are going to deal with cavities and other oral health issues as the consumption of sugary snacks and drinks compounds as well in the United States. And this means greater prospects for you as a pediatric dentist.

There are so many benefits to choosing pediatric dentistry as a career. We will outline them all in the article below, so keep reading. 

1. Job Security

The biggest result of the higher children population in the United States is that any dentist who has chosen pediatrics as their field will always have a steady influx of new customers. Job security and stability will definitely not be something you have to worry about when choosing pediatric dentistry. 

There is going to be a consistent demand for pediatric dentists and they are going to be able to garner a high fee to take care of tiny teeth. There is also pediatric oral surgery or orthodontics that you can partake in to build up your practice and increase profits. 

You have the option to work in a healthcare institution or you can start your own private practice, depending on what suits your personality and characteristics best. 

2. High Job Satisfaction

If you have always wanted to work with children in some capacity because you love children or because you wish to contribute to their health in some meaningful fashion, then you are going to love being a pediatric dentist. 

All you need to do to ensure success is to purchase a DAT textbook which will help you get a higher score and pass the admissions test with ease, and then once you are in the practice, you can help children achieve a high level of oral health. As you might already know, oral health isn't just limited to your mouth's health; it can permeate and affect every other aspect of your health.

A healthy mouth equals a healthy life, in more than one way. Once you can help a child establish good oral habits, you can rest assured that they will hold these with them for the rest of their life. More so, their oral health will have a positive impact on their overall health. 

All these factors will ensure a high level of job satisfaction for you, as you course through life knowing that you are making a positive contribution to many children's lives. 

3. Build Long-Term Relationships

When you begin as a pediatric dentist after going to dental school, you will receive lots of young patients, who are going to begin their dental journey with you. You can help them build a lot of good oral health habits and then watch them as they progress through their life and oral journey. 

If you start a relationship with them when they are young, you can build trust with them, as they will need different kinds of oral care as they age. It might be braces, teeth cleaning, or mouth guards. 

You can have the privilege, as a pediatric dentist, to be part of the child's oral health journey from infancy to adolescence, which encompasses a long period. Unless they move to another state or country, they will probably keep coming to you for their dentistry needs for a long while. 

4. Build Lifelong Positive Health Habits

A lot of us wonder what kind of legacy we will be leaving behind after we pass away. But as a pediatric dentist, you will have a very clear idea of the legacy you leave behind. 

Every time you teach a new patient good oral health habits, they will keep these for life. And then they will probably transmit them to their children and so forth. 

You can start a positive generational lifecycle of positive oral health habits which can influence their health for generations to come. This is a legacy that is nothing to scoff at. 

You can also ensure that the child doesn't have a negative perception or view of dentists and loves going to the dentist to get their teeth taken care of. Dental anxiety is a big problem in the United States with 36% of people having a fear of dental treatments. This means they aren't visiting the dentist when they should because they are too afraid.

But if you can help the child from the get-go and ensure that they don't have anxiety about visiting the dentist, then they will never avoid going to the dentist when they have tooth pain or any other issues. Their oral health will not suffer due to this avoidance or anxiety. 

5. Use Holistic Dental Care

Lots of parents nowadays are worried about exposing their children to unwanted chemicals and toxins in their infancy and childhood. They will do anything possible to avoid this eventuality.

And you can help them with it by setting up a holistic pediatric dental practice. A DAT textbook is a great idea to purchase to ensure you pass your dental school admissions on the first try. Once you are licensed, then you can set up your holistic practice and invite new patients. 

There are so many different ways to ensure that your practice is holistic and chemical-free. This will put the children's parents at ease but also will ensure that the child's body isn't dealing with too many unwanted toxins from the get-go. 

There's no point trying to fix one issue (an impacted tooth for example or a cavity) and then create another issue (increased toxicity in the body). 

The brilliant thing about this is that as technology changes and grows, more and more holistic dental practices will come into place and you can use them all to give a bright oral health future to your patients. This can also be a great marketing tool for your dental practice as you can get more new patients by selling yourself as a holistic pediatric dentist. 

6. A Challenging Work Environment

The life of a pediatric dentist is full of new challenges, as one day is never going to be the same as the next. There are always new patients coming in with different problems and issues to fix and deal with. 

If you are the kind of person who gets bored easily, then you will love being a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentistry offers a varied work environment every single day and keeps you on your toes (both literally and metaphorically). 

Not only that but you will not have to sit at a computer screen all day long. You can interact with people, have chats with them, ask them about their day and lives, and just have fun in general with your day. Music can be playing in the background, and you can set up your office as you desire since you are the boss. 

Your diverse work environment and patients will keep your work interesting and you will not have a chance to feel bored for even a second. Not only that but you will get paid quite well for the opportunity as well, as pediatric dentistry is a lucrative career. 

If you are the kind of person who constantly wants to learn new skills, you will love this career for that as well, because a dentist needs to constantly be upgrading their skills as technology upgrades and the knowledge base needs to keep up with these changes. 

Every day, new cases will come into your office, and you have the opportunity to use your critical thinking skills and your experience to deal with each case in the best fashion possible. You will feel intellectually stimulated and satisfied with a pediatric dentistry career, to be sure. 

7. Work-Life Balance

Another big factor that all new career seekers are wishing for is more work-life balance. No one wants to spend the entirety of their life working, no matter how much they love their job.

The same applies to you. You might love being a pediatric dentist, but that doesn't mean that you should spend 24/7/365 working. 

With a private dental practice, you can set up your work hours as you desire. It is your prerogative.

If you wish to go for a golf game or a yoga class in the middle of the day, then set up your work hours as such. Your assistants can either take care of patients while you are gone, or you can have everyone take an hour-long siesta in the afternoon. 

This way you can also balance any familial responsibilities you might have, spending time with your own children in a satisfactory manner. Quality time that you give to your patients must be given to your children as well. 

You also mustn't forget your hobbies and personal interests which you can have time for with a pediatric dentistry career. Remember you are the one in charge of your lifestyle, so you must set it up as you wish. Don't wait for permission from anyone else to do so. 

8. Emotionally Rewarding and Fun

Anyone who works with children daily will tell you how emotionally rewarding the job can be. Not only is it fun to work with children as they are bundles of energy and joy, but you also feel a great sense of gratitude when you spend time with children. 

They have this purity about them and they look at the world in an entirely different way than jaded cynical adults might. Spending time in the company of children will make you see the world anew and allow you to understand the world differently. You might even start believing in the mysteries of the world again, which is always a positive. 

You can become a source of comfort and support for children as well, as they might tell you things that they aren't comfortable telling their parents. Of course, you will help them as best you can, and this could help them transform in ways that you can't imagine.

The amount of satisfaction you will receive from this is boundless and is a good reason to purchase some DAT study resources and pass the DAT exam on the first try. 

9. Professional Advancement

As a pediatric dentist, you never have to rest on your laurels. You can constantly be doing certification or training yourself in new tools and technologies. 

There are myriad dental school conferences that you can attend as well as workshops on a wide variety of subjects. Your brain will constantly be stimulated as you learn a wide variety of new skills. 

Of course, it's your choice on how much professional advancement you wish to garner or how lax you wish to be in your career. And that's why it's a perfect career for everyone no matter what their personality or lifestyle.

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