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How many questions are in 2023 OAT Destroyer?

Organic Chemistry 506 problems with solutions
General Chemistry 581 problems with solutions
Biology 935 problems with solution
Quantitative Reasoning 152 problems with solutions
Physics 148 problems with solutions


For many aspiring optometrists, the Optometry Admission Test (OAT) provides a common blockage to their budding career. However, with adequate preparation and a comprehensive OAT study guide, it doesn’t need to be.

Many applicants agonize over testing materials for months on end, even resourcing an OAT tutor or OAT classes to help them ace the test. Unfortunately, they still may fail to reach the optometry school of their choice.

OAT Destroyer from Orgoman offers a detailed study guide with preparation materials to assist applicants with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts tested in the actual Optometry Admission Test.

What Does the OAT Cover?

The Optometry Admission Test (OAT) is a standardized exam that measures an applicant’s general academic knowledge, ability, and comprehension of scientific information. All Optometry Schools and Universities in the United States require the OAT for admission. The OAT consists of four tests:


What is the OAT Destroyer Study Guide?

OAT Destroyer is an excellent OAT study guide that helps students prepare for their entrance examination utilizing traditional methods to convey actual test concepts. This aid is a comprehensive guide with questions that include all subjects testing, including:

  • General chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • OAT physics
  • Biology
  • Quantitative reasoning

Since it’s designed as an OAT tutor aid, the OAT destroyer assists pre-optometry students aiming to practice the various subjects contained in the Optometry Admissions Test before the actual examination. The OAT Destroyer contains information on organic chemistry, biology, and mathematics. The biology section covers plants, taxonomy, enzymes, evolution, embryology, and genetics. General chemistry includes any information present on the OAT, including: 

  • Gas laws
  • Acid-base
  • Molecular geometry
  • Stoichiometry
  • Kinetics
  • Electrochemistry

Mathematics and physics will provide practice testing with questions from previous tests that successful test takers often describe as more challenging than what they find on the actual examination.

Test takers that choose OAT Destroyer as their OAT tutor aid will also find over 500 organic chemistry questions that broach every concept needed to excel on the actual OAT. You’ll get all the practice you need.

Ace Your OAT with OAT Destroyer

Orgoman’s OAT Destroyer remains among the top OAT practice materials available. The OAT Destroyer provides two detailed books with questions, answers, and explanations for everything an applicant will see on the OAT examination. 

Orgoman updates the OAT Destroyer content each year, taking pride in ensuring our information remains current as one of the most up-to-date resources available for test takers.

Our testing resources can help test your knowledge while identifying any concepts you might not understand. Orgoman experts carefully craft questions to resemble the actual test, focusing on providing a comprehensive resource to help takers ace every tested concept.

The OAT Destroyer is the preeminent resource material to help you prepare for the worst. While no one knows precisely what each OAT will assess, OAT Destroyer remains a highly effective OAT tutor and prep resource for students looking for a rigorous exam guide. Consider giving it a try.

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