OAT Destroyer 2022 includes OAT Physics

OAT Destroyer 2022 includes OAT Physics

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Diversity of Life: viruses, Archaebacteria

Genetics: genomics, gene expression, epigenetics

The OAT Destroyer encompasses a wide range of problems with detailed solutions that act as a teaching aid. The Biology section includes questions on plants, taxonomy, enzymes, evolution, embryology, biochemistry, genetics and more. (With detailed solutions). The General Chemistry covers virtually every topic. Gas laws, stoichiometry, molecular geometry, acid-base, equilibria, kinetics, descriptive conceptual trends, electrochemistry, buffers, and more. The Organic chemistry details all the concepts needed to excel, including stereochemistry, SN1, SN2, E1, E2, Aldol, Wittig, Grignard, Claisen, Diels Alder, esterification, aromaticity, reaction drilling, nomenclature, and more. The Physics section includes vectors, energy, work, momentum, fluids, gravitation, circle motion, harmonic motion, electrostatics, circuits, magnetism, induction and optics, to name a few.

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