Who are we?

Dr. Jim Romano and Nancy Steen founded Orgoman in 2005 with the shared vision of developing the most comprehensive and effective DAT and OAT Prep on the market. Dr. Romano's holds two degrees in Organic Chemistry and Dental Surgery from the University of Miami and New York University, respectively. Dr. Romano and Nancy Steen have created Orgoman as an invaluable resource for users to improve their ability to ace the DAT and OAT exam efficiently and effectively. We are committed to improving our services and providing accurate, up-to-date information that can be used by aspiring students worldwide.

What is the DAT Destroyer?

The centerpiece of 2023 DAT Destroyer is its huge database of practice problems and detailed solutions. With almost 2,000 problems to work on, you'll never run out of material to help you improve your skills. In addition, the program provides a wealth of information on every topic covered on the exam. You'll know exactly what to expect when you sit down for the test.

 Do you need the most current edition of our books?

The 2023 DAT Destroyer is the number one preparation tool for the Dental Admissions Test. With thousands of practice problems and detailed solutions, it is the perfect way to prepare for test day. The Destroyer includes step-by-step explanations for every problem, so you can learn from your mistakes and get better prepared for the real test. 

Yes, the exams are updated yearly and it is important to keep up with the latest trends.  We are the only company that updates on a yearly basis. By keeping our material up to date it gives you a great advantage over other students using outdated materials from other companies.

Avoid a retake by using the best product on the market the first time. #think30  #think400

How many questions are in 2023 DAT and OAT Destroyer?

Organic Chemistry 471 problems with solutions
General Chemistry 537 problems with solutions
Biology 903 problems with solution
Quantitative Reasoning 152 problems with solutions

Physics(OAT only) 148 problems with solutions

How similar is DAT and OAT DESTROYER to the actual  exam?

It is very similar in content to the actual DAT and OAT Exam as Dr. Romano has interviewed his many students that have already taken the DAT and OAT. The questions are slightly more difficult, but the explanations are very detailed and clear. Practicing these solutions will allow you to handle a wide-range of potential questions.

First, let me say, there are no "DAT or OAT SECRETS." No one can give you the exact problems. We are showing you how to build a foundation that will help you achieve a high score on the DAT. Ask any oral surgeon, periodontist, or prosthodontist about secrets to achieve success and I am sure that they will agree that there is only hard work, perseverance, dedication, and proper preparation. If you know all of our questions and study, it will give you a good foundation in the basic sciences. 

What makes ORGOMAN products unique?

Simply put, it was designed by Dr. Romano who teaches physics, biology, chemistry and organic chemistry along with his DAT/OAT and MCAT courses. He has personally interviewed hundreds of students about the DAT  and OAT exam and knows the terrain better than anyone. See our and why we are rated number 1 among students. Read our reviews 

How long have you been in business?

We have helped more then 100,000 students for more than 30 years. Our first DAT and OAT Destroyer was completed in 2006 and we have added additional books to our arsenal ever since, including the Math Destroyer, Biology Destroyer, General Chemistry Destroyer and Organic Chemistry Odyssey. We have been updating yearly ever since to keep up with the latest trends.  All our work is original and written by Dr. Jim Romano.  We are considered the number 1 test prep company in the country and have years of experience to back this claim.  More about Dr. Romano

What is the best way to study for the DAT or OAT Exam?

Prepare for your DAT or OAT Exam with the best possible study plan! Start by creating an organized agenda of when you will cover what topics and stick to it. Additionally, practice as many sample exam questions as possible in order to equip yourself with knowledge on how each question type works and get comfortable working through them under timed conditions. Finally, supplement studying by finding resources that can explain more challenging concepts while keeping focused throughout review sessions to make sure nothing is left out!We do offer our study guides

Am I guaranteed to get a high score if I use your materials?

Struggling to get the score you want? Our materials can help make sure your efforts pay off - with results that speak for themselves! Students who use our materials score way above average on the DAT and OAT exams.

What products do you recommend?

We highly recommend our DAT and Math Combo for the DAT and OAT and Math Combo for the OAT. You get the biggest savings when you purchase our combination packages. If you need to build a stronger foundation we offer books for Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and Biology.

When are your next classes?

We offer  DAT/OAT Camps 3 times year, Sept, Jan, and May.

Please contact us for detailed information and to enroll.

Do you offer online tutoring?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

What else do you recommend?

Join our study group for a lot of free information, daily questions, videos and more.  Also join our Orgoman Youtube Channel and follow us on instagram @orgomandatdestroyer


How long will it take to receive my materials?

Materials arrive in 5-7 business days, HI, AK, PR. Guam, Canada, APO, FPO can take a bit longer. Nothing is shipped on weekends and holidays.

Do you ship internationally and is there an additional charge?

We  ship to US, Guam, PR, APO, FPO and Canada.

For other countries contact us for options.


Return and refund policy

We only sell the most current editions on our website. Please make your selections carefully. Due to the nature of our materials, all sales are final. No refunds. Our materials are "NOT" for resale and we are only available to answer questions from the original purchaser.

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