How similar is DAT and OAT DESTROYER to the actual DAT exam?

First, let me say, there are no "DAT or OAT SECRETS." No one can give you the exact problems. We are showing you how to build a foundation that will help you achieve a high score on the DAT. Ask any oral surgeon, periodontist, or prosthodontist about secrets to achieve success and I am sure that they will agree that there is only hard work, perseverance, dedication, and proper preparation. If you know all of our questions and study, it will give you a good foundation in the basic sciences. It is very similar in content to the actual DAT and OAT Exam as Dr. Romano has interviewed his many students that have already taken the DAT and OAT. The questions are slightly more difficult, but the explanations are very detailed and clear. Practicing these solutions will allow you to handle a wide-range of potential questions.

What makes ORGOMAN products unique?

Simply put, it was designed by a Doctor who teaches physics, biology, chemistry and organic chemistry along with his DAT/OAT and MCAT courses. He has personally interviewed hundreds of students about the DAT exam and knows the terrain better than anyone. See the testimonials on the web site with more to follow from his groups that are taking the DAT and OATin the upcoming months.

What is the best way to study for the DAT or OAT Exam?

First of all, the DAT and OAT Destroyers are not for students looking for a "Magic Bullet." It is expected that a student has reasonable foundations in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and basic math. Without these tools, it is unrealistic that the DAT Destroyer(OAT Destroyer), or any other course, could compensate for the lack of fundamentals. For example, a student that has not taken Organic II will be very hard pressed to score high in the Organic section without the proper course work. Dr. Romano has geared the DAT and OAT Destroyer for the most serious student, not for the student looking for an easy way out or a miracle to occur.

Am I guaranteed to get a high score if I use your materials?

There is no guarantee that our materials will help you obtain a high score. However, students in our classrooms or who use our materials across the country score above average on the DAT and OAT exams.

What products do you recommend?
We highly recommend our DAT and Math Combo for the DAT and OAT and Math Combo for the OAT. You get the biggest savings when you purchase our combination packages. If you need to build a stronger foundation we offer books for Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and Biology.

When are your next classes?

We offer  DAT/OAT Camps 3 times year, Sept, Jan, and May.

Please contact us for detailed information and to enroll.

Do you offer online tutoring?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

What else do you recommend?

Join our study group for a lot of free information, daily questions, videos and more.  Also join our Orgoman Youtube Channel

How long have you been in business?
We have helped more then 100,000 students for more than 40 years. Our first DAT and OAT Destroyer was completed in 2006 and we have added additional books to our arsenal ever since, including the Math Destroyer, Biology Destroyer, General Chemistry Destroyer and Organic Chemistry Odyssey. We have been updating yearly ever since to keep up with the latest trends.  All our work is original and written by Dr. Jim Romano.  We are considered the number 1 test prep company in the country and have years of experience to back this claim.  More about Dr. Romano

Can I get overnight shipping?

Yes. If you want overnight, just email us your shipping address and we will send you the expedited options.

How long will it take to receive my materials?

Materials arrive in 5-7 business days, HI, AK, Puerto, Guam, Canada, APO, FPO can take a bit longer. Nothing is shipped on weekends and holidays.

Do you ship internationally and is there an additional charge?

We only ship to US, Guam, Puerto Rico, APO, FPO and Canada. For other countries contact us for options.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final, so please make your selections carefully. If you have any questions, write us before you place your order.

Refund policy

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