DAT and OAT Prep Classes

Prof Barengolts and Dr. Romano 
Are you ready to join the 90% of Predental and Optometry students who use our work and score in the 90th percentile?
Choose from one of the next classes either online or in person, space is limited so sign up early.
We offer an online option and classroom option read below.
Dr. Romano is back teaching in the classroom, Staten Island, NY
Space if very limited for his in person class. 

• For over 30 years, Dr. Romano and team have been helping students  achieve high scores on the DAT and OAT Exams.

• Dr. Romano and Prof Barengolts teach students how to build a strong foundation for success on these exams.

• Aeas are covered in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, BioChemistry, General Biology, Physiology and Math.

• Instruction for PAT is available

• Join the winning team for a chance at being the next success story.


May 25th - August 17th

In person class Staten Island, NY

Taught by Dr. Romano

Tues and Thurs | 10am-2pm EST


May 28 to August 20 2023 

Online Class

Taught by Prof Barengolts and Dr. Romano

Sun 10am-2pm and Wed 6-10pm


Sept 20 to Dec 20 2023 

Online Class Only

No Class on Oct 1 and 8th

Taught by Prof Barengolts and Dr. Romano
Sun 10am-2pm and Wed 6-10pm


General Chemistry  

Areas emphasized will be moles, gas laws, equilibrium, acid-base  theory, titration curves, buffers, solubility concepts, kineticelectrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry to name a few.

Organic Chemistry
We will review BOTH semesters 1 and 2. Key reactions, mechanisms,  synthesis, lab activities, stereochemistry, nomenclature and reaction mechanism types emphasizing the " big name " reactions such as Wittig,Claisen, Diels-Alder , Grignard, and Dieckmann to name a few.

We will review areas such as metabolic cycles, cells, Genetics, pathologies, microscopy, taxonomy, body systems, evolution, ecology, reproduction and much more.

We will focus on all the DAT and OAT topics including algebra, inequalities, functio basic statistics, probability, geometry and the new type of comparison questions.
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We also offer tutoring for the DAT, OAT, MCAT or College classes- Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry Math or any of the sciences. Highschool tutors available too!