Comprehensive OAT and DAT Prep Courses



 For over 30 years, Dr. Romano and his team have been helping students  achieve high scores  • Dr. Romano and Prof Barengolts teach students how to build a strong foundation for success on these exams. • Areas are covered in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, BioChemistry, General Biology, Physiology and Math. Choose from one of the next classes either ONLINE or CLASSROOM, space is limited so sign up early.


Dr. Romano and Prof Barengolts | Online 

Our upcoming session (offered online) is the perfect opportunity to put yourself ahead of the competition! With guidance from Dr. Romano and Professor Barengolts you will receive comprehensive teaching that will help skyrocket your DAT or OAT Exam scores – putting you in league with 90% of Predental and Optometry students who have successfully scored in the top 10 percent using our methods. Get ready for a knowledge foundation unlike any other - sign up now.

Fall Session  Sept 20 to Dec 13 2023.

Spring Session Jan to May (dates to be determined)

  • Each class costs $100,
  • Payment of $400 for the first 4 classes, and $200 for the last 2 must be made before you are registered, totaling $600 
  • Payments are collected online via Zelle or PayPal 



Dr. Romano will kick off each lecture with a brief overview of key points and spend around 60 minutes discussing them in detail.Professor Barengolts will take over, asking questions and prompting class discussions to engage students more deeply with the material.
  • An additional class (approx. 30-60min) is offered each week with no charge for Professor Barengolts to answer questions
  • Homework relating to Destroyer problems and YouTube videos correlate with the topics discussed in lectures.
  • General Chemistry topics include moles, gas laws, equilibrium, acid-base theory, titration curves, buffers, solubility concepts, kinetics, electrochemistry & nuclear chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry includes BOTH semesters 1 & 2, key reactions & mechanisms, synthesis & lab activities, stereochemistry & nomenclature etc., emphasizing Wittig, Claisen et al.
  • Biology topics cover metabolic cycles; cells; Genetics; pathologies; microscopy; taxonomy; body systems; evolution etc.
  • Math topics include algebra, inequalities, functions , plus comparison questions for DAT/OAT exams.


    Dr. Romano in the Classroom - Space limited

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