Instructors and Staff

Dr. Jim Romano, owner

Dr. Jim Romano is a visionary educator renowned around the world for his unwavering dedication to helping students thrive. He made the wise decision to pursue a career in education after completing his two exceptional degrees in Organic Chemistry and Dental Surgery from the University of Miami and New York University, realizing that his true passion was developing meaningful connections with students so they could reach their goals. As a result, he has earned an enviable reputation as a highly esteemed tutor and gone on to found Romano Scientific, author the Destroyer books, and co-found — all while maintaining an empire based on integrity, sound fundamentals, and creative problem solving techniques.

“30+ years of experience speaks for itself.”

-Dentists, doctors & practitioners around the world


Nancy Steen, owner

Nancy Steen is an experienced and influential business professional who has devoted her career to helping students reach success. As the co-founder of and CEO of Romano Scientific, she works tirelessly to provide comprehensive DAT Prep and OAT Prep materials, as well as other scientific materials, to students around the world. With over 20 years in the industry giving her expertise, Nancy is passionate about helping those who follow Dr. Romano's guidance reach great heights on the DAT Exam, OAT Exam or MCAT exam. She knows that everyone has a path to success - and she's determined to help them find it!

Professor Denis Barengolts

Organic Chemistry, General Chemisty, Biology, Math

For the past 20 years, Prof Denis Barengolts has been a passionate and dedicated instructor at Romano Scientific and Orgoman, imparting his knowledge of Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, SAT chemistry, SAT Biology, A.P. Chemistry and A.P. Biology to students in individual and group settings. His impressive educational background is highlighted by his Bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics from The College of Staten Island and his Master's degree in Biological Sciences from Hunter College. His 11 years of experience as a Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Neurovirology Research scientist have focused on countless studies centering around neurodegenerative disorders and infectious diseases - making him a world-renowned expert in his field. With a deep commitment to education and betterment of society through understanding biology, Denis' impact will be felt for many decades to come.

“Denis is easily the best tutor I’ve had in my academic career. His ability of breaking down what initially seemed like intimidating and extremely difficult material into simple, comprehensive terms made learning fun and rewarding. I could not recommend him more, and simply cannot imagine doing so well in the course without him.”

– Michelle Weinberg

“Not only does Denis always keep us captivated when he teaches, but he’s become more than just a tutor. He really has extensive knowledge in every topic he teaches, enough to answer all the crazy questions and theories on science I may have. I couldn’t thank him enough because the truth is, that without him, I wouldn’t have received an A in Organic Chemistry I. Thank you Denis for all the laughs and good times, and not just for being an outstanding tutor but a great friend too.”
– Shumaila Irshad


James Borovilas

Physics, Math, Calculus 1, 2, 3

Are you looking for help in mastering math and physics? James Borovilas, a biophysics PhD student at Cornell University, is here to assist you. With a degree in applied physics from Columbia University, James understands the importance of mastering these subjects to excel in exams. By emphasizing the fundamentals, James aims to equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in any field. Whether you need assistance in algebra, differential equations, classical mechanics, or quantum optics, James is eager to help you succeed.

Prof Kerry Mckenzie

Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Perceptual Ability

Prof Kerry is a passionate and dedicated educator with over two decades of teaching experience in Chemistry. Her impressive academic background, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Saint Francis Colle, followed by obtaining Master’s of Science degree in Chemistry from Long Island University, has allowed her to excel as a private tutor for Romano Scientific and teach courses at Long Island University, Brooklyn College and Kingsborough Community College. She is highly knowledgeable in General Chemistry I & II , Organic Chemistry I & II , Nursing Chemistry as well as AP and Regents Chemisty. With her hard work, enthusiasm, and expertise in the subject matter she has been successful in making chemistry interesting for her students.

“After struggling with AP chemistry for the first half of the year, I decided to attend tutoring sessions with a friend who recommended Kerry. Since then, Kerry has filled preexisting gaps while also teaching me new material. Her methods are clear and precise, allowing for maximum retention. I feel ready to tackle college chemistry and the AP exam under Kerry’s advisement.”– Deirdre 

“A friend and I were having trouble with AP Chem until we began tutoring with Kerry. The notes and advice she provides for me help me to study not only during tutoring sessions, but also on my own time. Her methods for problem solving are clearer and simpler than those that I learned in class and help me to understand much more than I otherwise would have.”– Leyla Adali


 Professor Blois 


Professor Blois was a highly respected and well-loved Math Professor at the College of Staten Island. He studied Math and Computer Science at New York University, and subsequently helped develop mathematical problems for Romano Scientific and Orgoman, as well as creating hundreds of instructive, informative videos for the Orgoman Youtube Channel. His years of experience in the field made him an invaluable teacher, helping countless students to achieve success in their studies. He has now retired, but his legacy lives on in the minds of all those he taught.


 Dr. Alexandra E. Travis, DDS

Dr. Alexandra E. Travis, DDS is a remarkable force in her field. A devoted leader and innovator, she is the Chief Operating Officer at Romano Scientific where she drives powerful forces of change thanks to her vision and expertise. Dr. Travis has devoted her life to the pursuit of knowledge and helping others; her wealth of experience in implementing advanced practices makes her an invaluable asset to any team. Her passionate spirit and selfless commitment to excellence have propelled her career forward with unparalleled speed. Dr. Travis continues to make a lasting impact through her pioneering spirit that transforms businesses into their highest potentials while serving as an inspirational mentor for young minds looking to do the same.


Joe Montesano, Advisor

Harvard Dental School

Joe Montesano is an ambitious, hardworking student of Harvard Dental School. He is a highly motivated individual with a passion for helping others. Joe believes in the importance of knowledge and works diligently to stay informed on the newest developments in his field. In his spare time, Joe serves as a Student Advisor at Orgoman and Romano Scientific, where he enjoys assisting students providing helpful advice and resources. His ultimate career goal is to become a successful dentist making positive contributions to society.




 Ksenia is a vibrant, knowledgeable presence at Romano Scientific, where she has been dedicatedly toiling away for 10 years. Ksenia's brilliant expertise in Internet security and copyright violations is a great boon to the company; she's never failed to provide sage advice on tackling any digital or legal conundrums. We're incredibly proud of Ksenia's fruitful achievements over the decade and can't wait to see what innovative solutions she comes up with next!


  Bill Ulmer, Customer Service Manager, Mimeo, Inc

Bill Ulmer is an experienced and energetic Customer Success Manager at Mimeo, Inc., a leading global logistics company. A passionate leader with a knack for problem solving, his main focus is on overseeing the production and delivery of academic supplies to students throughout the U.S. Bill takes pride in his work and takes great joy in providing excellent customer service in order to ensure the success of all projects he manages. With his strong attention to detail, effective communication skills, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Bill has earned great recognition from various clients over the years. His commitment to excellence has helped shape Mimeo into a strategic business partner for many customers.