About Orgoman - Dr. Jim Romano and Nancy Steen

In 2006, Dr. Romano and co-founder Nancy Steen, combined their passions and expertise and began publishing the most comprehensive and effective prep books for the DAT & OAT - since then We have helped over 100,000 students since 1999. All of our work is unique and created by us, it's not a copy and paste from other sources. See our testimonials.

Dr. Jim Romano and Nancy

Dr. Jim "Orgoman" Romano is the author of the Destroyer books as well as founder and head instructor at Romano Scientific. He holds two degrees in Organic Chemistry and Dental Surgery from the University of Miami and New York University, respectively.

From my experience of teaching general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics for over 40 years, the 1 major obstacle students face when taking exams are:  not having a sound foundation in the concepts. That is where our materials will have you prepared for whatever comes your way.  Avoid the retake, use our materials and take the test once!

I have geared the  Destroyers to give every student the opportunity to score high on the exam, and many with perfect scores. The questions are designed to cover any question you will be presented on test day. The explanations are very detailed and clear. Practicing these books will allow you to handle a wide-range of potential questions, getting you ready to achieve a high score on the exam. The Destroyer is tough but so is the exam.

After completing his education, rather than pursuing a career as an oral surgeon, Dr. Romano came to realize his true passion was found in helping students understand the sciences. 


Focus on the material and understand the concepts. There are no shortcuts to a highs core! #Think 30!  #Think400

All the best,