DAT Destroyer 2022 - UPDATED BIOLOGY

DAT Destroyer 2022 - UPDATED BIOLOGY

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Don't be fooled by other companies telling you to use older editions. Students that have to retake the exam follow this bad advice. We work hard at keeping our work up to date and giving every student the opportunity to achieve their dreams. A few more questions correct on the exam can make the difference of acceptance or rejection. Avoid the retake, always go for the 30!

UPDATED BIOLOGY FOR THE 2022 DAT Diversity of Life: viruses, Archaebacteria Genetics: genomics, gene expression, epigenetics The 2022 DAT Destroyer has almost 2000 problems(600 pages) with very detailed solutions.

Orgoman DAT Destroyer, in its simplest form, is a scholarly work created by Dr. Jim Romano to help students achieve their goal of high scores on the DAT. Many of Dr. Romano's students have exceeded the 90th percentile in areas of Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry using this unique, comprehensive material. This blockbuster work helps students negotiate the labyrinthine path one must travel to a successful entrance into dental school. Under the aegis of Dr. Romano, Quantitative Reasoning is broken down into simple components allowing students to recall and retain math basics. General Chemistry is electrified, Biology is simplified, and Organic Chemistry is demystified. Step-by-step solutions to all problems are easily presented and Dr. Romano adds tons of additional concepts you will need to excel. Whether you're simply seeking extra help or hope to score high enough for a dental scholarship, give the DAT Destroyer a chance. Like thousands of other students who have worked under the auspices of Dr. Romano, the DAT Destroyer material will offer you success on the DAT and help your dream of becoming a dentist become a reality. Good luck!

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