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    2023 DAT and OAT Destroyers Now Available - Free ground shipping ends today

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2023 DAT and OAT Destroyers Now Available - Free ground shipping ends today

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Destroyer DAT & OAT Test Study Guides By Orgoman

Deciding on your future career is half the battle–many fields of study require tests in order for admission to your school of choice. Two of these include the Dental Admission Test (DAT) and the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). These exams will measure your academic and perceptual abilities, as well as your understanding of natural sciences. Preparing for the DAT or OAT can feel daunting–it's your future, after all! Orgoman provides the best DAT test study guide and other comprehensive prep books to help you build your confidence and skills as you prepare for test day. 

About Orgoman–"DAT Destroyer"

Dr. Jim Romano and Nancy Steen founded Orgoman to give students the tools to pass the challenging DAT or OAT and excel in their future careers. Dr. Romano is the founder and head instructor at Romano Scientific and the author of the Destroyer books. Orgoman has been helping students achieve their full potential since 1999 and is known as "DAT Destroyer." Read more about us here.

No Secrets, Just Results

There is no DAT test study guide or OAT prep book with an exact formula or secret to help you ace your exam. Dr. Romano has interviewed many students who have taken the DAT or OAT to create practical prep books that garner incredible results. Orgoman's DAT study guide, alongside our other Destroyer books, will help you build a solid foundation in science and math skills to handle a wide range of potential questions so you can earn a high score on your test.

While there is no guarantee that our materials will help you obtain a high score, students across the country have successfully passed their exams using Dr. Romano's books. Read reviews from real students here.

DAT Destroyer

Orgoman's most popular book is DAT Destroyer, a DAT test study guide that can help you avoid the dreaded retake. Many students using DAT Destroyer have scored in the 90th percentile! Work through 600 pages of questions that will test your reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, perceptual ability, and scientific knowledge. Pass your DAT with flying colors as you continue your educational journey into a lifelong career.

Other Books

Alongside our comprehensive DAT and OAT prep book, Orgoman provides students with Destroyer books for:

Organic Chemistry

General Chemistry




Pharmacy College Admissions Test (Pcat) 

Whatever your educational goals, we are here to help you achieve them.

Additional Services

Aside from our popular study guides, Orgoman is pleased to offer DAT/OAT camps three times per year in September, January, and May. You can also join our study group for helpful, free information, questions, videos, and more.

Curious about one-on-one online tutoring? Contact us for more information.

See What Orgoman Destroyers Can Do for You!

If you are a prospective dental or ophthalmological student looking for the best OAT or DAT study guide, you've come to the right place. Prepare for your exam and own your future today with Orgoman's Destroyer books.

DAT Destroyer used ty 90 percent of dental students. Avoid a retake use the Destroyer the first time.

How to avoid a retake?

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