PCAT Destroyer 2022

PCAT Destroyer 2022

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The PCAT Destroyer, unlike the DAT Destroyer or the OAT Destroyer, contains problems that will prepare you for the more challenging Quantitative and Biology sections on the PCAT. This prep book is well balanced between General Biology, Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, and basic Biochemistry.

The Biological Sciences section requires knowledge of microbiology, associated lab techniques in addition to basic anatomy and physiology. Topics include logs and limits, while Calculus includes derivatives and integrals.

The General Chemistry section is perfectly balanced between quantitative and qualitative topics and includes virtually every type of problem you will encounter on the exam.

The Organic Chemistry section covers everything from lab activities, such as extractions and chromatography to reactions and stereochemistry. Key reactions include Wittig, Aldol, Grignard, Williamson, Diels Alder, SN1, E1, E2 just to name a few. Stereochemistry is also addressed, in addition to conceptual questions involving Huckels rule, aromaticity, resonance, and acid base concepts.

Dedicated to providing you with the tools to master all of the concepts covered on DAT and the OAT, Dr. Romano's prep books are constantly evolving to reflect the new changes on the exams.

By purchasing our latest editions, you will be fully equipped to score high on your exam.

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