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OAT exam

The OAT, or Optometry Admission Test, is a required exam for students applying to optometry school. If you've taken the OAT and didn't do as well as you'd hoped, you still have the opportunity to retake the exam. You can do things to increase your chances of success on a second try.

This blog post will cover the OAT, some tips for passing the exam, the retake fee, and the earliest retake date.

What You Need To Know About The OAT

The OAT is an entrance exam for optometry schools. It is a computer-based test that consists of four sections: 

  • Quantitative Reasoning (Math)
  • The survey of the natural sciences
  • Physics
  • Reading Comprehension

In the OAT Survey of Natural Sciences, you’ll have 90 minutes to answer 40 questions on Biology, 30 questions on General Chemistry, 30 questions on Organic Chemistry. You will have 45 minutes for the Quantitative Reasoning section and then 50 minutes to answer 40 Physics questions.

On the Reading Comprehension section of the OAT, you’ll have 60 minutes to do three passages, each of which has 16-17 questions for a total of 50 questions. 

The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry administers the OAT and students can

take the exam up to 3 times before they are required to ask permission to take the exam for a

fourth time.

Why Students Fail The OAT

There are many reasons why a student might fail the OAT. Here are the two major reasons:

Poor Preparation

Poor preparation is the most common reason for failing the OAT exam. The OAT covers a lot of material, and it's important to ensure you're familiar with all the topics before taking the exam.

Poor Time Management

Another reason students might fail the OAT is that they need to manage their time better during the exam. Since the OAT is a timed test, it's important to be able to pace yourself and ensure you have enough time to answer all the questions.

Techniques To Pass The OAT On The Second Attempt

If you have recently taken the OAT exam and were not successful in achieving the score you need, it's important to remember that you aren't alone. Many students require multiple attempts to pass this exam. So, what can you do to improve your chances of success on the OAT?

Here are some tips and techniques that may help you pass the exam on your second try:

Review The Content Areas That You Struggled With

Before retaking the OAT test, you must identify which content areas you had trouble with the first time around. First, ensure adequate preparation for the exam by studying all the topics covered on the test. Once you know which topics need more work, you can create a study plan that focuses on these areas by utilizing the OAT Destroyer and other Orgoman

resources. Several other free resources are available to help you review for the OAT, including Dr. Romano’s Biology Review, flashcards, and our YouTube Videos.

Take A Practice Exam Under Timed Conditions

One way to simulate the pressure of taking the OAT is to take a practice exam under timed conditions. It will help you get used to answering questions quickly and give you an idea of which content areas you need to focus on. OAT practice tests and test modules are offered through Prometric.

Get Plenty Of Rest And Exercise Leading Up To The Test

Being well-rested and relaxed on test day is essential, as this will help improve your focus and concentration. In addition to getting enough sleep, schedule time for physical activity leading up to the exam – exercise has been shown to improve cognitive function.

With proper preparation and careful timing, you should be able to pass the OAT on your second try with these OAT exam tips.

OAT Retesting Fee

The cost to retake the exam is $510 until July 1, 2023. The price raises to $515 thereafter. You can register for the test online . When registering, you will need to select a test date, time, and location. 

The Earliest Date You Can Retake The OAT

Candidates are required to submit a new application and fee for each testing attempt. A testing attempt is defined as any test administration where the candidate has been seated at a computer at a test center and electronically agreed to the confidentiality statement to start the test. 

  • Candidates must wait 60 days between testing attempts on the OAT, with a maximum of four (4) such administrations permitted during any 12-month period of time. 
  • Candidates with three (3) or more attempts on the OAT must apply for permission to test again, providing proof of recent application to optometry school with each subsequent application to test. 
  • Subsequent to the candidate’s fifth OAT attempt, the candidate may retest only once per 12-month period. 
  • The OAT retest policy is not subject to appeal. 

How To Reschedule Your OAT Exam In Case Of An Emergency

Test Appointments can be changed or canceled by calling Prometric at 800.688.5804 or leaving a message on the Prometric website. To schedule a test with Prometric, you must call at least 24 business hours in advance. Don't try to change or cancel your appointment with the nearby testing facility; they won't be able to help you.

If you cannot take your exam because of an unexpected circumstance on the scheduled day, you must notify the Department of Testing Services within five days. It is impossible to list all the possible types of crises; however, situations such as suddenly falling ill on test day or suffering a family tragedy fall under unexpected circumstances.

You will be responsible for paying a charge to Prometric in case of a cancellation or rescheduling. Anyone who doesn't show up for an exam or arrives more than 30 minutes late and is turned away would be charged the total amount even if they didn't take the test.

Failing The OAT Is Not The End Of The World

Students who fail the Optometry Admissions Exam aka OAT Exam  usually fail due to poor preparation and time management. Revising the subject areas you struggled with most during the exam and taking OAT practice tests and test modules are offered through Prometric.

Additionally, using the OAT Destroyer from Orgoman can give you the upper hand the next time you attempt the exam. Remember #think400.

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