How DAT and OAT Prep Studies Can Help You Score Higher on Your Test

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Like it or not, all pre-dental students must take the Dental Admission Test (DAT). The DAT is a challenging assessment that requires significant time and preparation to pass. Aside from a student’s GPA, their score on the DAT represents a substantial part of their application to dental school.

Similarly, studying for the Optometry Admission Test (OAT) provides trials and tribulations for aspiring optometry students. Even with numerous OAT prep classes and other study materials under their belt, students still struggle to pass the admissions exam on their first attempt.

Many pre-dental and pre-optometry students may feel they need to be geniuses to do well on their assessments. However, the truth is that with proper preparation (including some help from OAT and DAT prep books or classes), students can train themselves on everything they need to know to conquer their admission tests. Let’s get started!

How to Start Studying and Preparing for the DAT

Most students require at least three to four months of preparation and study time for the DAT. Our Orgoman team suggests outlining a study course comprising 200-250 hours overall, but all students are different. A great way to start a study routine is by arranging three hours of study per day, five days per week, for three months.

Some students may find studying and preparing for the DAT easier when breaking the assessment into sections as the exam presents them. The Orgoman DAT Destroyer contains the DAT Math Destroyer book, filled with practice tests of 40 questions each. These practice assessments challenge students’ understanding of math concepts with problems many applicants say are more complex than what they see on the DAT examination.

The DAT Destroyer DAT prep books can help students determine their weak areas. The information the program contains additionally assists students with interpreting the applied mathematics questions from the DAT, improving critical thinking scenarios to answer the quantitative comparison questions.

Doing well on the Math Destroyer questions often more than prepares students to overcome the actual DAT. We recommend reviewing the book multiple times to ensure students understand each concept.

DAT Destroyer contains hundreds of questions for each Dental Admission Test science portion. The prep book includes detailed answers for any questions in biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry questions. The Orgoman team works incredibly hard to ensure we revise editions for each coming DAT testing year.

Most students consider the DAT Destroyer program “overkill,” meaning that the actual DAT is often easier than the questions presented in DAT prep classes and the DAT destroyer book. Of course, that’s a good thing. You can feel confident that you’ll be prepared for your DAT examination by going through the hundreds of questions in the DAT Destroyer.

Although many students answer most of the problems incorrectly on the first try, a suitable study method is to make flashcards regarding certain concepts or facts they miss on the initial attempt.

How to Start Studying and Preparing for the OAT

The OAT Destroyer is an extensive OAT prep book collection containing hundreds of practice questions complete with answers and explanations. Orgoman designs the OAT destroyer to be more challenging than the OAT itself to educate students with an understanding of the concepts.

Originally designed as a teaching guide for OAT prep classes, OAT Destroyer questions present a similar structure to what students will see on the OAT exam. However, the book presents questions with increased difficulty. This higher-level difficulty enables students to understand their weaknesses fully and specifically target these areas as they attempt to obtain the highest score possible. If you can master the most difficult ones, you’ll be more than prepared for your exam.

The OAT Destroyer provides detailed preparation materials in three books. The first book contains practice tests, questions, and explanations of organic chemistry, biology, and math. The second book incorporates math practice testing, and the third incorporates physics.

Orgoman clearly explains the content, and students can easily access any section or information they need while developing their study routine. While many students will combine OAT Destroyer with other resources, including Orgoman’s YouTube channel videos, the book provides a comprehensive, detailed solution to questions that mimic the OAT examination.


The OAT Destroyer Biology section contains questions related to

  • Biochemistry
  • Embryology
  • Enzymes
  • Evolution
  • Genetics
  • Plants
  • Taxonomy
  • And more.

General Chemistry

The General Chemistry portion of the OAT Destroyer is a comprehensive study guide that includes acid-base, descriptive conceptual trends, electrochemistry, gas laws, kinetics, and stoichiometry.

Organic Chemistry

This section of the OAT Destroyer provides students with over 150 organic chemistry questions with an overview of all the concepts students need to excel on the genuine OAT. 


The physics section of the OAT Destroyer includes:

  • Vectors
  • Energy
  • Work
  • Momentum
  • Gravitation
  • Circular motion
  • Circuits
  • Harmonic motion
  • Inductions
  • Optics

The OAT Destroyer remains one of the best study materials available to pre-optometry students without needing to take supplementary OAT prep classes. OAT Destroyer is the ideal test preparation method to test student knowledge and identify concepts they don’t understand.

Conquer Your Admission Test with Orgoman’s DAT and OAT Destroyers

Doing well on the OAT or DAT is achievable as long as students remain focused and organized. By dedicating themselves to the goal of successfully preparing for their admissions testing, they can reap the benefits that come from hours of preparation they wisely invested in their future goals of becoming a dentist or optometrist.

Each problem presented in Orgoman’s Destroyer series comprehensively addresses questions with detailed examinations while testing for multiple exam concepts. For this reason, the OAT prep classes and DAT prep classes remain highly effective prep resources for students seeking rigorous preparation material for their admissions testing.

Moreover, Orgoman carefully takes time to revise editions each year, additionally providing examples taken directly from previous tests. Our team understands that studying for a test can be very stressful and overwhelming. Many students feel comfortable with last-minute cramming for a test. Unfortunately for many of us, this is not a good strategy for longer, more involved, and complex tests like the OAT or DAT.

The sheer amount of material a student must know to perform well on these admissions tests might feel overwhelming. Still, with the OAT and DAT Destroyer at their side, they will have all the tools and information they need to succeed with flying colors.

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