The Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into: Unlocking Opportunities in Dentistry

The path to becoming a dentist is filled with exciting discoveries, rigorous academic demand, and a competitive application process. There's no understating the challenge of landing a coveted spot in a dental program. However, if you're gearing up to apply and looking for schools that might offer a smoother entry path, you're in the right place.

This blog post is tailored to pre-dental students, aspiring dentists, and those engrossed in DAT study guides and forums. We’ve sifted through statistics and done the research to present you with insights into some of the easiest dental schools to get into. But remember, “easiest” does not mean “easy”; it simply indicates that these programs may have more favorable acceptance rates or less stringent prerequisites.

Understanding Dental School Admissions

Before we get into specifics, it's essential to understand that dental school admissions are multifaceted. Beyond grades and test scores, committees look for candidates who demonstrate a passion for dentistry, empathy, communication skills, and a record of exemplary professional conduct.

Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into – A Closer Look at Stats

Admission statistics can be telling; they give a snapshot of the average entering class's academic profile. While each institution is unique, schools considered easier to get into may have a slightly higher acceptance rate or lower average DAT scores and GPAs.

Advantages to "Easier" Schools

  1. More Diverse Admission Criteria: These schools might weigh factors like extracurricular activities, work experience, or personal background more heavily.
  2. Holistic Review Process: They might use a holistic approach, looking at the complete applicant profile rather than disqualifying based on metrics alone.
  3. State Residency Preferences: Often, state schools have a mission to educate residents to provide future care within the state, which can translate to an easier path for in-state applicants.

Tips for Applying to Dental Schools

  • Do Your Homework: Start with researching each school—even the ones considered easy to get into—comprehensively to understand what they're looking for in their dental cohorts.
  • Ace the Basics: Excelling in prerequisite courses can help cement your foundational knowledge and academic readiness for dental school.
  • DAT Prep is Key: Begin your DAT prep early. If your scores aren't where they need to be, don't hesitate to retake the exam after some intensive study.
  • Cultivate Your References: Seek letters of recommendation from individuals who can vouch for your skillset, work ethic, and dedication towards a career in dentistry.
  • Personalize Your Statement:personal statement Craft a that’s reflective of your enthusiasm for the profession, tailored to each program's values and strengths.
  • Apply Broadly: Don't limit your options to only the schools with higher acceptance rates. Widen your net to increase the likelihood of acceptance somewhere.

Easiest Dental Schools to Consider

The University of Mississippi

  • Acceptance Rate: 29.4%
  • Average GPA: 3.54
  • Average DAT Score: 19.3

Offering state-of-the-art dental care and housing extensive research facilities, the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry is more than just a school; it's an enriching environment for the dental professionals of tomorrow.

Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health

  • Acceptance Rate: 13.08%
  • Average GPA: 3.42
  • Average DAT Score: 19.5

The ATSU-ASDOH equips students to be compassionate leaders in the field, emphasizing community health and shaping industry leaders who are ready to make a difference.

East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine

  • Acceptance Rate: 15.8%
  • Average GPA: 3.67
  • Average DAT Score: 21

ECU's modern facility and patient-centric approach strive to transform students into the problem-solvers of oral healthcare challenges.

The University of Utah

  • Acceptance Rate: 10.44%
  • Average GPA: 3.63
  • Average DAT Score: 20.8

Nestled in the inspiring environs of Research Park, the School of Dentistry at the University of Utah provides an innovative educational experience with a commitment to community service.

The University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine

  • Acceptance Rate: 10%
  • Average GPA: 3.46
  • Average DAT Score: 17.4

Dedicated to producing highly competent dentists, the UPR School of Dental Medicine focuses on comprehensive care and global community service.

Augusta University Dental College of Georgia

  • Acceptance Rate: 11.3%
  • Average GPA: 3.67
  • Average DAT Score: 21

Regarded as the home of dental education in Georgia, the Dental College provides unparalleled hands-on learning opportunities across over 20 clinics.

The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

  • Acceptance Rate: 10.21%
  • Average GPA: 3.58
  • Average DAT Score: 20.9

Being a pivotal educational hub, the University of Minnesota’s School of Dentistry offers a comprehensive approach to dental education across five northern states.

Ohio State University College of Dentistry

  • Acceptance Rate: 12.55%
  • Average GPA: 3.65
  • Average DAT Score: 21

Known for its top-tier patient care and educational quality, the Ohio State University College of Dentistry provides a unique learning setting with a supportive alumni network.

The University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry

  • Acceptance Rate: 9.4%
  • Average GPA: 3.61
  • Average DAT Score: 20.2

This institution embodies a collaborative community ethos, providing excellence in clinical care while emphasizing service to the underserved.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry

  • Acceptance Rate: 12.8%
  • Average GPA: 3.76
  • Average DAT Score: 20.5

UMKC takes pride in its heritage as an innovator in oral health education and commitment to high standards of care in an evolving healthcare landscape.


Gaining admission into any dental school is an achievement in itself. With strategic preparation, thoughtful selection, and a compelling application, you can increase your odds of receiving that exciting acceptance letter.

Remember, the term "easiest" is relative. Regardless of which dental school you attend, the road to becoming a dentist will demand your best effort, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to the field. Consider these so-called "easier" schools as potential pathways, but approach every application with the seriousness and dedication that your future career in dentistry deserves.

Ready to Brace for Success?

Incorporate these tips, keep grinding through your DAT study guide, and stay active on pre-dental forums. The application process can be as much about persistence and resilience as it is about academics and test scores. Good luck, future dentists — your white coat awaits!

For more tips on crushing your DAT and winning over admissions committees, keep following our blog for the latest insights and guidance tailored to your pre-dental journey.

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