Interview Tips for Dental School Applicants


Whether you have been accepted to dental school or you are still waiting to hear back, chances are that you will need to go through an interview process. The interview can be a nerve-wracking experience; after all, it is your one chance to make a good impression and show the admissions committee why you would be an asset to their program. Here are some tips on what to expect during your dental school interview and what you should do afterwards.

Preparation is Key

Make sure that you come prepared for your interview by researching the program, brushing up on relevant topics related to dentistry, and practicing how you’re going to answer potential questions. You don’t want to be caught off guard when asked a question about the latest advances in dental technology or why you chose this particular school. Additionally, it is important to research the members of the admissions committee so that you can tailor your responses accordingly and demonstrate that you have done your homework!

 The Interview Process

During the actual interview, remember that it is not just about answering questions correctly; it is also about projecting confidence and demonstrating to the admission committee why they should select you over other qualified candidates. Be sure to speak clearly and concisely, look people in the eye when speaking with them, and maintain good posture. It is also important that during the course of your conversation with the interviewer(s) that you remain positive and upbeat throughout.

It doesn’t hurt to bring small reminders of yourself such as copies of resumes or portfolios of any work experience or volunteer hours performed in dentistry-related fields so that they have something tangible from which they can remember who you are after meeting dozens upon dozens of applicants.

What To Do After Your Dental School Interview?

After your dental school interview has concluded, make sure you send a thank-you letter or email expressing gratitude for being considered. This simple gesture shows respect for those who took time out of their busy lives in order to review your application materials and meet with you face-to-face. Also, this gives another opportunity for them remember who exactly “John Doe” was among all those other applicants! Additionally, following up with any relevant contact information given by faculty members may also pay off later down line if needed – building relationships early never hurts!


Preparing for a dental school interview can seem daunting but if done properly it can help set yourself apart from other applicants vying for those same spots at dental schools across America! It is important to research relevant topics related dentistry as well as practice common questions beforehand so as not be caught off guard during the actual interview process itself. Finally afterwards it is paramount that one sends a thank-you note expressing gratitude for being considered as well as following up with any contact information given by faculty members – all these steps help build relationships early on which may prove useful later down line! With these tips in mind best of luck in navigating through this exciting journey towards becoming a dentist!

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