Dental School Admissions: The DAT and The Big Picture

Are you looking to obtain your dental license but aren’t sure how to go about it? Becoming a dentist is a great career to work towards due to the service you provide others and the rewards you reap. Dental practitioners can access a wide range of professional options, whether interested in clinical, research, or academic divisions within the field.

The U.S. requires you to obtain your dental licensure to become a professional in the dental field. To successfully complete your DAT and get into dental school, you will want to utilize DAT exam prep books which feature a variety of high-quality DAT study resources.

What is the Dental Admissions Test (DAT)?

If you want to become a certified dentist, the United States requires all applicants to be evaluated and thoroughly tested. Before being admitted into any dental school in the country, you must pass the dental admissions test.

The dental admission test, or DAT, is a testing program designed to assess your potential for success in dental school. The DAT will test your general academic capabilities, knowledge of fundamental science concepts, and perceptual ability. Taking the dental admissions test is required by all U.S. dental schools. If you score high on the DAT exam it will open the door to interviews and acceptance into dental schools. 

The Admissions Process & What it Takes to Get in

The admissions process for the DAT is relatively straightforward. First, you will apply to take the DAT exam through the American Dental Association (ADA) and create a personal dental identifier number. Once you have submitted your application, the ADA will notify you with an eligibility letter where you will be able to schedule an appointment to take your DAT at a local testing center. You can only take the DAT every 90 days and up to three times without special permission.

Because the DAT is computer-based, you will receive your results immediately after the exam. Your results will place you in one of eight standard scores. The first six scores focus on your individual performance in each test section, while the last two compose your academic average and your total score on the science portion.

Before taking the DAT, you must complete your biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry prerequisites. Many typically take this exam in their third year of college or a year before they want to go to dental school. DAT exam prep books can help you save time and money when preparing for your dental admission test.

Importance of Preparing for the DAT

Due to the dental admission tests’ importance for any aspiring dentist, you will want to achieve a high score to impress your dental school of choice. It is crucial to prepare for the content that examiners will test you on due to the limited number of times you are allowed to take the exam. The test is over four hours long and consists of four different sections.

An Overview of the DAT’s Structure

The survey of natural sciences focuses on biology, organic chemistry, and general chemistry, with biology having ten more questions than the other two topics. Altogether, this exam section consists of 100 questions to assess your knowledge of science’s fundamental concepts.

The perceptual ability section consists of 90 questions focusing on topics such as apertures, orthographic projections, paper folding, cube counting, and 3D form development.

The reading comprehension section includes 50 questions and three reading passages that will test your ability to analyze scientific queries while processing and understanding the given text.

The quantitative reasoning portion focuses on stretching your problem-solving skills through 40 complex mathematical problems.

How to Study For the DAT

The DAT covers a wide range of crucial material, so you should utilize DAT study resources like DAT exam prep books. These textbooks feature valuable information from experts in the industry. Whether or not your scientific knowledge is proficient, you will benefit significantly from adding efficient study time to your schedule as you prepare for the exam.

Commit to your DAT study by practicing questions you may encounter during the timed exam. Having time to test your comprehension of various topics and questions will lessen the time it takes you to complete the exam and reduce your test-day stress as you will have prepared yourself for any possible scenario during the DAT. Dedicate yourself to studying for your dental admission test with influential DAT resources like DAT preparatory classes and DAT exam prep books to successfully get into your dental school of choice.

Additional Factors to Consider

Do you want to go to dental school? Besides the DAT, you should consider several other factors to increase your chances of getting into your desired program.

Dental schools will also review your GPA in college and look for applicants with higher averages. Including your extracurricular activities informs the admissions committees of your motivations and interests, providing ample opportunity to show why you are a valuable applicant outside of your grades. Additionally, having support from an expert through a letter of recommendation provides the school with information about who you are from the perspective of others in the professional world.

Importance of Dental School Admissions Process on Your Future

DAT study is crucial to your success while going through the dental school admissions process, as schools will analyze the factors you scored high and low on. Depending on whether you plan to focus on the clinical or research dental fields, you will benefit from sending your DAT scores to various programs. With so many factors to consider when studying for the DAT, having a well-rounded education and higher test score will open opportunities to a more extensive selection of colleges.

Now that you better understand the dental admission process, you can begin collecting study aids to help on your dentistry journey. Orgoman supplies high-quality DAT resources like the DAT Destroyer book designed to increase your comprehension of common questions and study methods for the dental admissions test.

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