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The DAT exam is a critical step in becoming a dentist. This exam assesses a prospective dental student's aptitude for the rigors of dental school and can make or break their chances of getting into the dental school of their choice.

Many different study guides and resources are available to help students prepare for the DAT exam. The best DAT study guide is the DAT Destroyer. But does the DAT Destroyer have the same questions as the actual exam?

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the DAT exam, the types of questions on the exam, and how the questions in the DAT Destroyer compare to the actual exam. We'll also provide tips on what books to pair with this study guide.

The DAT Exam Consists of 6 Sections 

The DAT exam is a dental admissions test used to assess a prospective student's aptitude for the rigors of dental school.

The DAT exam consists of six sections: 

  • Quantitative Reasoning 
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Biology 
  • General Chemistry 
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Perceptual Ability 

The DAT Destroyer is a Well-Known Study Guide

Dr. Jim Romano of the Orgoman team produced one of the best DAT study resources, the DAT Destroyer. The DAT Destroyer helps students by giving them an advantage over students using other poorly written materials.

Students can expect to see multiple-choice questions in each section, giving them plenty of preparation for the actual test. This book is meant to be a study guide for those taking the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) aiming for an above average score.

The DAT Destroyer has questions from Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology, and Math sections of the DAT, so you can be confident that you are getting practice for the types of questions you will see on the test. However, it is essential to note that the DAT Destroyer is not a replica of the test – while the questions are very similar in content and difficulty, they are not exactly the same. Dr. Romano understands that part of taking tests is learning to think through problems rather than simply memorizing answers.

The DAT destroyer is the best study guide for students who want to score above average on the exam and experience the DAT exam beforehand but at their own pace.

The DAT Destroyer: A Comprehensive Study Guide

This comprehensive study guide offers:

  • Almost 2000 sample questions
  • The ability to take a practice test online 
  • There are hundreds of our videos on our YouTube Channel
  • The DAT Destroyer Study Group on Facebook is very active
  • You can find our free study guides on our website
  • The Orgoman team is here to support you

Exam Sections The DAT Destroyer Covers

The DAT Destroyer is a comprehensive study guide. Features of the DAT Destroyer include:

  • Biology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • General Chemistry

The DAT Destroyer provides the tools you need to succeed in the individual sections of the DAT. In addition to free study guides and biology review, this book offers its readers practice questions and problems similar to those found on  DAT exams. Make sure to join our study group on Facebook for daily reading passages, math problems and other daily questions to supplement our DAT exam Prep books.

How The DAT Destroyer Benefits Students

Here are a few ways that the DAT destroyer aids students in tackling the challenges of the exam.

It Familiarizes Students With The Exam Questions

The questions in the DAT Destroyer are designed to help students familiarize themselves with the types of questions and concepts they will see on the test. Additionally, the DAT Destroyer includes almost 2000 problems that you can use to gauge your progress and identify areas where you need further study.

It Bolsters Students' Chances Of Success

Many students find that using the DAT Destroyer in conjunction with other study materials, such as DAT exam prep books and online resources, gives them the best chance of success on the test. If you plan to take the DAT, check out this popular study guide.

It's An Affordable Study Tool

We understand that affordability can also affect a student's preparation. The DAT Destroyer and Orgoman’s other DAT prep books are one of the few affordable exam preparation materials available. Plus, you are not under the time restraints of some online DAT Prep materials that expire in 60 days.

Staying Up-To-Date

The first DAT exam prep book (the DAT Destroyer) was released in 2006. Dr. Romano, however, keeps his books up-to-date and revises them annually, so it is very important to use the most current edition to keep up with the latest ADA changes to the DAT exam. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete The DAT Destroyer

Each learner has their own approach and pace. Therefore, how long it takes to complete the Destroyer is totally up to the student. Students that score high on the DAT review the Destroyer multiple times.  Do ALL the work in the Destroyer and you will be happy on test day.  We encourage each student to learn at their own pace to Destroy the DAT!

What To Do Before You Use The DAT Destroyer

These DAT exam prep books are resources for studying and reviewing to improve your understanding of the course material. Because of this, reading valuable study materials is highly recommended before attempting the exam. The author, Dr. Jim Romano, recommends books on all the topics in the exam.

Recommended Books To Help You Study

The book Organic Chemistry by David Klein is what our author recommends for the subject. In addition, Dr. Romano has written a textbook on the subject titled Organic Chemistry Odyssey.

For undergraduate-level chemistry courses, Dr. Jim Romano recommends Raymond Chang's Chemistry book. Dr. Romano's personal book, General Chemistry Destroyer, is also available for study.

When it comes to biology, Dr. Jim Romano recommends Campbell Biology by Neil Campbell. In addition, Dr. Romano recommends his study guide, Dynamite Biology Review, to students looking to improve their biology score on the DAT.

Finally, Dr. Jim Romano highly recommends his book, the Math Destroyer to help you Destroy the math section of the DAT.

Get The DAT Destroyer and Ace Your Exam

The DAT Destroyer is a comprehensive DAT exam prep book that covers a wide range of questions to help you score high on the DAT exam. Students who use our resources benefit from its almost 2000 practice questions that are similar to questions on the DAT test. It's one of the best study resources you'll find on our website

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