What Type of Ethical questions will I be asked on my Dental School Interview?

When applying to dental school, the interview is a critical step in the process. During the interview, the committee has the perfect opportunity to get to know the applicant better, test their communication skills, personal values, ethical standards, and decide if they have what it takes to become a successful dental professional. In this blog post, we'll explore some common ethical questions you'll be likely to be asked during dental school interviews.

Tell us about a time when you encountered an ethical dilemma.

This question tests whether you have a clear understanding of what constitutes an ethical dilemma, how you addressed it, and whether you've learned any valuable lessons from the experience. Here, the admission committee is trying to learn your problem-solving approach and your ability to handle difficult situations.


How do you handle conflicts with colleagues, patients, or supervisors?

As a dental professional, you'll often face situations that require excellent conflict resolution skills. Here, the admission committee is interested in knowing that you are willing to communicate assertively, listen actively, and resolve conflicts in a professional and ethical manner while maintaining strong relationships with everyone involved.


What are your thoughts on patient confidentiality?

Patient confidentiality is a fundamental ethical principle that dental professionals must abide by at all times. The committee wants to evaluate your understanding of the importance of patient privacy, your willingness to safeguard sensitive information, and your ability to communicate it to the patients.


If you make a mistake, how will you handle it?

Mistakes are inevitable in any profession, but in dentistry, they can be particularly serious. Here, the admission committee is testing your honesty, accountability, and willingness to take corrective action. Additionally, you should demonstrate that you are willing to learn from your mistake and ensure that it will not happen again.


How do you plan to balance ethical and business considerations in your dental practice?

As a dental professional, you must always keep the well-being of your patients in mind. However, you also need to manage the financial aspect of your practice. The committee wants to evaluate your willingness and ability to balance these two essential factors while prioritizing your patients' interests.



Dental school interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to ethical questions. The key is to be prepared, honest, and authentic in your responses. Ensure you understand what each question is trying to assess and provide examples that showcase your ethical and moral standards as well as your problem-solving skills. Remember to keep things professional, concise, and respectful, and you're sure to ace your dental school interview.