Physics Destroyer 2022

Physics Destroyer 2022

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The Physics Destroyer is a supplemental physics workbook for students preparing for the SAT II Achievements, OAT, MCAT, or the AP Physics exam. If you want to excel in this tricky section of your exam, this product will prove vital.

The 2022 edition includes 148 multiple-choice problems, detailed step-by-step solutions as well as a set of 10 intricate problems that simulate what is encountered on the AP Physics exam. 

Each problem tests multiple concepts and is a highly effective resource for those who seek a more rigorous treatment of the material.

Unlike many other physics study material, this book includes rare type of work incorporating Vectors, Motion, Momentum, Newton's Law, Energy, Work, Power, Fluids, Waves, Electronics, Circuits, Capacitors, Transformers, as well as modern physics, including deBroglie Wavelength, Magnetism, and Optics.

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