PCAT Destroyer 2024

PCAT Destroyer 2024

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PCAT Test Study Guide - PCAT Destroyer

If you’re a sophomore or a junior in college interested in entering the pharmacology field, you must take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) to qualify for acceptance. Like the DAT test study guide or our OAT prep book, Orgoman’s PCAT Destroyer prepares you for more challenging biology and mathematical questions you may encounter on your exam. Preparing for the PCAT can feel overwhelming, but with quality study materials, you’ll be ready to ace your test and excel in your future educational endeavors.

Materials Covered

The PCAT is known for having challenging biology and quantitative sections, so it is crucial to use a study guide with various problems and detailed explanations. Our PCAT prep book balances all areas of the test to ensure that you are fully prepared for each section.

Sections of the PCAT Covered in PCAT Destroyer

Like our OAT prep book and DAT study guide, PCAT Destroyer is constantly updated and revised to reflect evolving concepts to exams to ensure that you can adequately prepare for your exam.

Biological Sciences

This section will test your knowledge of microbiology alongside associated lab techniques. Be prepared to answer questions related to basic anatomy and physiology.

General Chemistry

General chemistry includes a mix of quantitative and qualitative topics. If you need a more thorough review of general chemistry, consider studying our General Chemistry Destroyer first.

Organic Chemistry

Lab activities, such as extractions, chromatography, and stereochemistry, are all subjects you must understand to breeze through the organic chemistry section. In our study guide, you will also answer conceptual questions about Huckel’s rule, aromaticity, acid-base, and resonance.

Discount Bundle and Other Materials

If you require a more detailed review of specific subjects, we offer the PCAT Destroyer Bundle that includes the Organic Chemistry Odyssey.  Dr. Romano has authored other 

 study materials, including our popular DAT test study guide, DAT Destroyer, the OAT prep book OAT Destroyer, Physics Destroyer, Math Destroyer, and the Dynamite Biology Review. Dr. Romano is often called ‘Orgoman’ by students worldwide who have passed their tests. Read reviews here.

About Orgoman

After attending the University of Miami and New York University, Dr. Jim Romano obtained two degrees in Organic Chemistry and Dental Surgery. He was fortunate to study chemistry, biochemistry, and physics under world-renowned chemists. 

After completing his education, Dr. Romano discovered his true passion for helping students. Instead of beginning a career as an oral surgeon, he approached business professional Nancy Steen with his idea to create study materials for students worldwide. Together, the two co-founded Orgoman to bring Dr. Romano’s intuitive study approaches to the masses. Orgoman is built on integrity and a mission to help students reach for their dreams and achieve their full potential. Dr. Romano is best known for his comprehensive DAT test study guide, DAT Destroyer.

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