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2023 Organic Chemistry Odyssey - DAT Prep Books | OAT | OAT | MCAT

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Prospective dental and ophthalmology students must take challenging exams as part of their admissions process; the Dental Admission Test (DAT) and Optometry Admission Test (OAT). These tests evaluate various academic and perceptual abilities, as well as basic scientific understanding. Organic chemistry is a complicated subject, but it is critical to thoroughly understand it before your exam. Organic Chemistry Odyssey gives detailed explanations of various topics, making it the perfect companion to your DAT Destroyer and OAT Destroyer, an OAT and  DAT test study guide.

What is Organic Chemistry?

Organic chemistry studies reactions, structures, properties, preparation, and composition of carbon-containing compounds. Organic chemistry was initially limited to the study of naturally occurring compounds but now includes human-made compounds such as plastic. A basic understanding of organic chemistry helps you pass your exam and provides you with a solid foundation for learning scientifically-based concepts you will explore throughout higher education.  

What Topics are Covered?

Dr. Romano’s Organic Chemistry Odyssey features detailed solutions and explanations to over 900 problems to help you prepare for the DAT, OAT, MCAT, or another exam. 

Table of Contents

  1. Concepts in Organic Chemistry
  2. Acids and Bases
  3. Cycloalkanes and Radicals
  4. Stereochemistry
  5. Elimination Reactions
  6. Alkenes
  7. Alkynes
  8. Substitution Reactions
  9. Alcohols
  10. Ethers
  11. Alcohols and Ethers II
  12. Aromatics
  13. Aldehydes and Ketones
  14. Carbonyl Compounds
  15. Spectroscopy
  16. Amines
  17. Carbohydrates
  18. Amino Acids
  19. Fatty Acids
  20. Lab Techniques

Build a Stronger Foundation

Dr. Romano knows there is no secret or magic formula to achieving a good score on your DAT, OAT, or MCAT. That’s why Organic Chemistry Odyssey takes you back to the basics, helping you build a strong foundation in organic chemistry concepts in easy-to-understand language. A thorough understanding of organic chemistry prepares you to answer any question thrown your way while also preparing you for other concepts you will learn in dental or optometry school. Consider purchasing our renowned DAT Destroyer or OAT Destroyer, our OAT and  DAT test study guide after mastering the basics of organic chemistry.

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You can purchase the OAT and  DAT Organic Chemistry Odyssey in a discount package with other popular study materials, including our DAT test study guide, DAT Destroyer. Other titles available in a discount package include Math Destroyer, OAT Destroyer, General Chemistry Destroyer  Complete your collection for the ultimate OAT or DAT study guide.

‘DAT Destroyer’

There’s a reason Dr. Jim Romano is known as ‘Orgoman’. After obtaining two degrees in Organic Chemistry and Dental Surgery, Dr. Romano found his true passion in helping students succeed. Alongside Nancy Steen, co-founder of Orgoman and CEO of Romano Scientific, Dr. Romano published the Destroyer books, including the best DAT study guide and OAT prep book on the market, DAT and OAT Destroyers. Orgoman provides students with various resources to help them pass exams and move on to the next step in their educational journey. 

Additional Services

Are you still looking for more support on OAT and DAT organic chemistry and other concepts? Apart from our OAT and  DAT test study guides, we offer DAT/OAT camps three times per year in September, January, and May. You can also consider joining our online study group for free information, questions, videos, peer support, and more. 


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