Organic Chemistry  Odyssey 2020

Organic Chemistry Odyssey 2020

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Dr. Romano's Organic Chemistry Odyssey offers insight to over 900 different problems as Dr. Romano allows you to peek into his clandestine world that opens his files to exam-type problems and extremely detailed solutions.

The book is electrifying and is a vital tool to students enrolled in Organic Chemistry or students taking the DAT, MCAT, PCAT, OAT or GRE.

Table of Contents:

  1. Concepts in Organic Chemistry
  2. Acids and Bases
  3. Cycloalkanes & Radicals
  4. Stereochemistry
  5. Elimination Reactions
  6. Alkenes
  7. Alkynes
  8. Substitution Reactions
  9. Alcohols
  10. Ethers
  11. Alcohols and Ethers II
  12. Aromatics
  13. Aldehydes and Ketones
  14. Carbonyl Compounds
  15. Spectroscopy
  16. Amines
  17. Carbohydrates
  18. Amino Acids
  19. Fatty Acids
  20. Lab Techniques

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