2022 Dynamite Biology Review

2022 Dynamite Biology Review

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This book is in black and white, not color.

Dr. Romano created these study notes to help you study the Biology section for the DAT or OAT. For students that need a Biology review this is an excellent supplement to the DAT and OAT Destroyer books. The Destroyer book is used by thousands of students each year and is updated yearly to reflect all new trends on your exam. My Biology review is on target for the DAT and OAT exam and will help you build a great foundation even for the MCAT.
These study notes are on target with the DAT, OAT as well as the MCAT and will help you build a great foundation so that you can score high on the Biology section.
Dedicated to providing you with the tools to master all of the concepts covered on the DAT, OAT and MCAT exams, Dr. Romano's prep books are constantly evolving to reflect the new changes on these exams.

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