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"Also, the DAT Destroyer is the best study tool for the DAT. Thank you so much!!!! I will DEFINITELY be sending my younger Pre-Dent friends your way!"

"I just took my DAT and am extremely happy with my scores. I wanted to thank Dr. Romano for the invaluable resource that is the DAT Destroyer. While studying for the DAT, you MUST understand every single answer choice in the destroyer, not just the ones that are correct. I wouldn't have been able to get those science scores without the destroyer. THANK YOU!"

We welcome Vanna Hovanky to our "Orgoman Hall of Fame" TS 30 Bio 30 GC 27 OC 29 QR 21 AA 26 "I am so, so, so extremely, indescribably grateful to Dr. Romano and the Orgoman Team!!! DAT Destroyer was truly the best and was so key for my success!!! I went over the problems and roadmaps 2-3 times and learned so much! I walked into test day yesterday super prepared :)"

"Thank you Dr. Romano you have made a dream a reality"

"DAT Destroyer This is SO helpful for all the science subjects. I used this book religiously to make sure I understood all the concepts, especially for GC and Orgo. I also used this as a primary resource to learn a bunch of random biology facts, and in the end, I guess it paid off. I would highly recommend using this and constantly reviewing all your incorrect answers because you're bound to get similar questions on the real thing."

"Thank you for the DAT Destroyer, everything I needed to score high was in this book."

"Thanks for all your help and the "DAT Destroyer"

"I am writing this email to let you know that we the students are very grateful for the work you guys do and also to thank you. I took the exam this morning and got a 24TS and 22AA. Your course helped me get one step closer to becoming a Dentist."

"DAT Destroyer (100000/10) I also started the Destroyer a month after studying, and my recommendation is to definitely plan on starting earlier, especially for Biology, and doing it at least 2 times. I still remember the first day that I did the Destroyer and I told Nancy this: I did so bad on all sections, I went to the living room, laid down on the couch, and just started staring at the ceiling doubting myself that I am not ready and should not take the DAT in the summer and that I've been wasting my time. BUT I realized that that's the BEST way to learn is to attack your weakness. That's what makes this resource so valuable because what's the point of giving gimme questions that you won't learn anything from? I did the Destroyer 4X and I think it was definitely WORTH IT. Dr. Romano's roadmaps ARE AWESOME; I went over them so many times whenever it was a slow day at work. It baffles me when people say this is overkill. If you want a high score, get the word overkill out of your vocabulary. Professional athletes for most sports have their match only once a week for less than 2 hours, so is it overkill that they train 5 hours a day all week every day???"`

  • Bio: 24, Gen Chem: 26, Orgo 23 QR: 21, TS: 24 AA 23
  • — Ardwan August 2016

"I wanted to thank you and Dr. Romano for all the help and for the incredible dedication. The course was absolutely invaluable and thoroughly worth the long drives out the Staten Island. You guys truly go above and beyond and I cannot thank you enough!"

  • Bio: 22, Gen Chem: 24, Orgo 22 QR: 30, TS: 24 AA 26
  • — Miss T August 2016

"Just wanted to extend my extreme gratitude for DAT Destroyer prep materials. They were crucial for me to score so well on the DAT. You're helping us out more than you know.

  • Bio: 22, Gen Chem: 22, Orgo 27 QR: 21, TS: 23 AA 23
  • — Matt
  • August 2016

"Thanks for everything! Y'all make the best study materials out there! Keep on doing what you're doing!"`Casey

  • Bio: 19, Gen Chem: 21, Orgo 30 QR: 20, TS: 21 AA 22
  • — Casey
  • August 2016

"Thank you so much for everything"

  • Bio: 23 Gen Chem: 23, Orgo 24 QR: 17, TS: 24 AA 22
  • — Sam
  • August 2016

"Thank you Nancy and Dr. Romano so much!" I could not achieved these scores without the Destroyers."

  • Bio: 23 Gen Chem: 30, Orgo 30 QR: 25, TS: 27 AA 26
  • — Angela
  • August 2016

"I am biochemistry major student and English is my second language. I have been in US for almost four years. DAT Destroyer is a MUST! It really helps you to understand and learn the materials"

  • Bio: 23 Gen Chem: 26, Orgo 26 QR: 22, TS: 24 AA 23
  • — Shadi
  • July 2016

"First off, I want to thank Nancy and Dr. Romano from DAT DESTROYER for helpful DAT advice and great products. These are incredible people to talk to with many words of wisdom as they have been helping students get solid scores for years. How they find the time to balance it all is inspiring, and they are definitely a huge factor for helping me get these scores."

  • Bio: 19 Gen Chem: 22, Orgo 22 QR: 23, TS: 20 AA 21
  • — Jeuves
  • July 2016

"Biology: I felt like this was my weakest subject, even after going through Cliff's, Ferali's, Bootcamp, and Destroyer due to the amount of information. However, DESTROYER DESTROYER DESTROYER DESTROYER!! Literally, almost half of my questions were verbatim from Destroyer. I couldn't believe it. The concepts were completely easier than I expected, but do not underestimate those genetic questions you come across while studying! Learn those!

  • Bio: 23 Gen Chem: 22, Orgo 24 QR: 20, TS: 23 AA 23
  • — Victoria
  • July 2016

"Thank you so much for making this possible! If you told me a couple months ago that Organic Chemistry would be my best score I wouldn't have believed you. It's all thanks to your class and the destroyer

  • Bio: 20 Gen Chem: 22, Orgo 24 QR: 19, TS: 21 AA 21
  • — Victoria
  • July 2016

"The Destroyer was a very valuable tool in becoming familiar with the type of problems they ask in GC, OC, and Math, and is also great at reviewing the biology concepts. I couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you so much!"

  • • Bio: 28 Gen Chem: 27, Orgo 27 QR: 30, TS: 28 AA 28
  • — Joe
  • Feb 2016

"I studied the destroyer front to back 3 times (at a rate of 20 questions/ hour) and reviewed Dr. Romano's notes at least 4 times (each section took me 3 days minimum).
My brain was so trained by the time I was taking the DAT I didn't have to use my brain at all. Everything answer just came as natural instinct.
I cannot thank the Orgoman staff enough!!!!
I could've never achieved this score without you guys. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Thank you! Thank you!!

  • Bio: 26, Gen Chem: 29, Orgo: 24, TS: 26
  • — Dennis
  • August 2015

"Destroyer definitely was much harder than the actual test, but it is great preparation. I seriously got annoyed that I kept getting every question wrong in destroyer, but in the end going through the questions is what got me a 26 !

  • Bio: 21, Gen Chem: 21, Orgo: 26, TS: 22
  • — Zameer
  • August 2015

"I am almost certain that without DAT Destroyer, I would not have the scores that I do today. I HIGHLY recommend this book because it's challenging with great explanations to the questions and it literally covers just about anything you may come across on your DAT. I see why people call it the DAT Bible. Dr. Romano and his team are seriously incredible! I am so happy I invested in this! Now I can become a dentist!

  • Bio: 20, Gen Chem: 20, Orgo: 25, TS: 21
  • — Ebony
  • August 2015

"Just like everyone else says Destroyer is a must, it will kick your butt in the beginning but it will start making sense after the second round. My mistake was not making flash cards of the ones that gave me most trouble. So if I could do something different it would be taking more detailed notes over the questions I got wrong. Use this as every day to get the concepts down. Understand the concepts and not just memorize questions."

  • Bio: 20, Gen Chem: 20, Orgo: 23, TS: 21
  • — Shayan
  • August 2015

"Thank you Dr. Romano and the Orgoman Team, I couldn't have done it without you."

  • Bio: 23, Gen Chem: 22, Orgo: 23, TS: 23
  • — Arshdeep
  • August 2015

"Thanks for such wonderful DAT materials and am pretty ecstatic about my science scores. Definitely couldn't have done it without DAT destroyer."

  • Bio: 24, Gen Chem: 23, Orgo: 23, TS: 23
  • — David
  • August 2015

"DAT Destroyer(20/10): Orgoman gave us a real life line with this magnificent compilation. I worked 30 questions/section/day. It really helps you identify your problem areas and reinforce strong areas. Chem and Ochem are very hard compared to the actual exam, but eventually desensitize you as you move through the questions (making them easier). Bio was an essential lifesaver because it took a plethora of concepts and quantified them into a help 500+ questions. For the concepts I didn't comprehend, I created flashcards and reviewed until I started dreaming about SNS (No joke, in the days leading up to the exam, I was dreaming about Taxonomy and Genetics. This is your quintessential "holy book" for the DAT."

  • Bio: 23, Gen Chem: 26, Orgo: 22, TS: 23
  • — Haider
  • August 2015

"Thank you so much for everything! DAT Destroyer all the way!

  • Bio: 24, Gen Chem: 25, Orgo: 25, TS: 25
  • — Rohit
  • August 2015

"There's no way I can express how thankful I am for your resources, definitely was the biggest factor in my DAT score."

  • Bio: 23, Gen Che3: 20, Orgo: 29, TS: 24
  • — Luan
  • August 2015

"6 point jump in gen chem, couldn't have done it without you."

  • Bio: 21, Gen Chem: 24, Orgo: 20, TS: 21
  • — Matthew
  • August 2015

"DAT DESTROYER: I can't thank @orgoman22 Nancy and Dr. Romano enough, they made me so comfortable for any question I encountered. You guys are amazing and I'll tell every single person out there about your resources. I went through this 3 x. First time I got owned, marked the questions. Second time I did a lot better, marked questions. Third time I just went through marked questions. I memorized most of it lol. At first you will get less than 50% right. The first time through ORGO I wanted to cry, but it was the section I was most scared for so I sucked it up. By the end I kind of started liking it, because when you become good at it then you start to like it!!!!! I utilized a few math destroyer tests; they are harder than the real thing, but good practice. My main focus for qr was the dat destroyer math at the end. This was very representative of the test (even though it still is harder). Can't thank you guys enough!

  • Bio: 23, Gen Chem: 23, Orgo: 24, TS: 23
  • — Hamami
  • August 2015

"The DAT Destroyer orgo roadmaps are CRUCIAL I don't think I saw a reaction that wasn't covered on the roadmaps. I made a stack of notecards for each reaction and went through them a few times a day. I wish I went over it at least 2 more times to understand the concepts as well as gone over the ACS booklet.... and my old orgo exams."

  • Bio: 21, Gen Chem: 21, Orgo: 22, TS: 21
  • — Phi
  • July 2015

"Also, I want to thank Dr. Romano and Nancy Steen. DAT Destroyer, Math Destroyer, and Organic Odyssey are awesome – hands down the most thorough and well thought-out books on the market."

  • Bio: 25, Gen Chem: 21, Orgo: 23, TS: 23
  • — Chris
  • July 2015

"Seriously if I can get these scores I know every one of you can too. The fact that you are even pursing dentistry shows you are very intelligent and capable individuals. Stay confident, stay relaxed and know you are going to crush the DAT."

  • Bio: 27, Gen Chem: 24, Orgo: 26, TS: 25
  • — Chad
  • July 2015

"Thanks again for all your hard work to better us Pre-dents!!!

  • Bio: 22, Gen Chem: 30, Orgo: 29, TS: 26
  • — James
  • July 2015

"Before I begin my breakdown, I definitely have a few people to thank. First and foremost, this breakdown is dedicated to Nancy and Dr. Romano-- two people who helped me along the way and put their hearts and souls into a wonderful product, DAT Destroyer. Without them and the Destroyer series, I would never have gotten the scores I did. You two are so incredibly kind and just overall wonderful people who deserve nothing but rave reviews. So, thank you for everything."

  • Bio: 25, Gen Chem: 21, Orgo: 25, TS: 24
  • — Rena
  • June 2015

"The DAT Destroyer helped me tremendously and I noticed the most improvement hands down when I used this resource versus any other resource I used (which says a lot because I tried a ton of them lol) It saved my biology score and I saw several questions that were similar and every concept was covered to some degree which was a blessing."

  • Bio: 22, Gen Chem: 22, Orgo: 24, TS: 23
  • — Brent
  • June 2015

"I just wanted to thank you for providing all of us aspiring dentists such amazing DAT resources. I finished my DAT today and absolutely destroyed Orgo, 30 could not have done it without you!

  • Bio: 20, Gen Chem: 22, Orgo: 30, TS: 22
  • — Christofer
  • June 2015

"I really do appreciate everything that you both do for preparation in the DAT, I went through all three sections probably five times and each time I learned and retained new information. Organic Odyssey is the best product in the business for relearning Organic Chemistry and after going through it multiple times I felt like I could teach an organic class... The chemistry was difficult but a great tool, adding more conceptual questions would be extremely beneficial as that what seems to be the difference between a 20 and a 30. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone, whether striving for a 30 or just trying to get by and get a 19 or 20. Depending on how you use this tool, it is the most useful resource that anyone can use to learn and succeed at learning the concepts and much further with knowing some of the far side spectrum questions. Great job to yourself and Dr. Romano, we really do appreciate all that you do."

  • Bio: 22, Gen Chem: 23, Orgo: 22, TS: 22
  • — Dan
  • May 2015

"I just wanted to personally thank the both of you and your wonderful DAT Destroyer products. I just took my DAT on Tuesday and scored a 23AA, and now thanks to you, my dreams are one step closer to coming true.
Bottom line, this test is very doable. Have faith in yourself!

  • Bio: 22, Gen Chem: 22, Orgo: 24, TS: 23
  • — Anthony
  • May 2015

"In all honesty, my scores really surprised me. Only with Destroyer could I earn that score."

  • Bio: 25, Gen Chem: 25, Orgo: 26, TS: 26
  • May 2015

"I owe all of my DAT success to DAT Destroyer. This truly is the best study material on the market. If you want to do well on the DAT, you absolutely must own it! After working through the book, I was confident in myself and had all of the necessary tools to take on the DAT. Dr. Romano teaches a lesson in every question, so be sure to understand how to work it and, most importantly, WHY he asked it! Thanks for everything Dr. Romano!

  • AA 21, TS 21, PAT 18, QR 18, BIO 20, GC 20, OC 25
  • — Gage R
  • May 2014

"Want to know how to raise your DAT score from an 18 to a 22? DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer are the holy grail of study materials! I went through each book three times, and it made the actual exam that much easier. Understand every single question in this book and any score on the DAT is possible."

  • AA-22, TS-22,( Bio - 22, GC- 21, OC - 23)
  • — Matt
  • December 2014

"I took the DAT without the destroyer my scores were 17 AA and 17 TS. Taking the DAT with the destroyer my scores were 23 AA and 25 TS. The dramatic increase in score speaks enough about the book itself. This book is the reason I can finally achieve my dream of becoming a dentist."

  • 28 Bio, 23 Genchem, 23 Orgo
  • — Mark T
  • August 2014

"Thank you for Dr. Romano for writing the best DAT books on the planet. My scores well exceeded my expectations."

  • Bio:23 Orgo:23 Genchem: 28
  • — Vishal
  • Summer 2014

"Thanks to the DAT Destroyer I got a kick a** score on the science sections. Thanks a million Orgoman!!

  • Genchem: 25 Orgo: 20 Bio: 30
  • — Akiva
  • Fall 2014

"I pounded the DAT and MATH DESTROYERS and went through every problem. People complain it is too hard, but if you want a great score it is worth going through the whole book. These books prepared me and made the test a breeze!

  • Bio 27 Genchem 30 Orgo 26
  • — Sholom
  • Summer 2014

"I was just hoping to get 20's but with the DAT Destroyer I achieved scores above even my expectation."

  • Bio 22, Genchem 26, Orgo 29
  • — Arthur
  • Summer 2014

"Dr. Romano he has literally changed hundreds of lives; the DAT Destroyer is the BIBLE for DAT excellence!

  • Bio 20, Genchem 22, Orgo 24
  • — Hadi
  • Summer 2014

"Thank you! The DAT Destroyer was the best investment I made for my DAT preparation."

  • Bio 22, Genchem 20, Orgo: 24
  • — E.S.
  • Summer 2014

"The science covered on the DAT is a wild range consisting of an obscene amount of material. The DAT Destroyer covered 95% of the material I saw on the DAT. The DAT Destroyer gave me the edge I needed."

  • Bio: 23 Genchem: 20 Orgo: 25
  • — Connor
  • Summer 2014

"I owe 100% of my science scores to The DAT Destroyer. The book literally covered everything that was on my exam. Knowing the correct answer to each question in the book is JUST AS IMPORTANT as knowing all of the wrong answers and explanations. If you master this book, you will master your exam."

  • Bio 21 Chem 21 Orgo 26
  • — Joe
  • Summer 2013

"I went from an Academic Average of 18 to a 22, Gen Chem 22 to a 29, Bio 19 to a 24 Organic Chem 18 to a 23 and total science from 19 to a 25!!! DAT Destroyer is the best DAT prep tool available."

  • Bio 24, Gen Chem 29, Orgo 23 Total Science 25
  • — Shoubhik
  • August 2013

"The DAT Destroyer and the staff at Romano Scientific supplied me with all the tools I needed in preparing for the DAT exam. I am and will be forever grateful!

  • Organic Chemistry: 26 General Chemistry: 21Biology: 21
  • — Jordon
  • Summer 2013

"The Destroyer is the best book for DAT preparation. To do extremely well it was essential to not only know how to do questions but to also to understand the explanation. I would highly recommend using the DAT Destroyer it is very informative and cover all topics necessary for the exam. The DAT destroyer is the key to success on the DAT!

  • — Victoria
  • Summer 2013

"If you're trying to maximize your score then the DAT destroyer is your tool! Do yourselves a favor and don't overload your heads with other useless material; everything you need is in here. It's a gift from heaven."

  • Bio 24 GChem 28 Orgo 29 PAT 20 Math 21 Reading 20
  • — Hussam
  • Summer 2013

"I just wanted to reach out and say Your classes and lectures along with the DAT and Math Destroyer really prepared me for the exam."

  • PAT 19 Math21 Reading 20 Biology24 General Chemistry 25
  • — Leon
  • Summer 2013

"The DAT Destroyer is the best study tool that you could ask for when preparing to take the DAT. It is definitely the best thing you could use to get a high score on the science sections. Working my way through the Destroyer was the most beneficial thing that I could have done, and gave me the confidence to really believe I could do well on the DAT, without it I would have been lost. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was amazing and definitely worth it. Do yourself a favor and order it as soon as possible!!!

  • PAT: 21 QR: 19 Reading: 20 Biology 20 Gen Chem 24 Organic 26
  • — Katie
  • Summer 2013

"Don't even think about taking the DAT before going through the DAT Destroyer. This book really prepared me for the exam by going over the concepts as well as the types of problems I would see. I couldn't be happier with my scores and I definitely owe my success to the Destroyer."

  • Bio 26, Gen Chem 23, Orgo 22
  • — Eli
  • Summer 2013

"The best way to prepare for the DAT is to do practice problems. Destroyer's exam-like questions and straightforward explanations thoroughly prepared me for the DAT exam. Without the Destroyer, I'm positive that my scores would have been significantly lower."

  • Bio: 20 Gen Chem: 22 Orgo: 22
  • — Gregory J. Balaes
  • July 2012

"The DAT destroyer was key to my success on the DAT! To do extremely well it was essential to not only know how to do questions but to also to understand the explanation. I would highly recommend using the DAT Destroyer. It is so reliable that there is no need to buy other test preparation materials."

  • Biology: 24, GChem: 28, and OChem: 29
  • — Nicolette
  • August 2012

"The DAT Destroyer and the Math Destroyer were the key tools I used in studying for the DAT. They are truly great products and I would highly recommend them to anyone preparing for the DAT. Thank you Dr. Romano for making the DAT Destroyer and helping me not only to meet my goals for the DAT, but exceed them."

  • Biology 24, General Chemistry 23, Organic Chemistry 29
  • — Francesco
  • August 2012

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I took my DAT Monday, August 27th. 2012 and I could not have been happier with my results.

  • Biology: 26, General Chemistry: 25 Organic Chemistry: 29 (99.3)
  • — Brittany
  • August 2012

"If you want to achieve a high score on the DAT, the DAT Destroyer is an indispensable tool for studying for the DAT!

  • Bio 30, Gen Chem 21, Orgo 27
  • — Ari
  • August 2012

"The DAT Destroyer was the key component in my DAT studies. By solving, and more importantly, mastering the questions I was able to grasp concepts I was uneasy with in my undergrad classes. The Destroyer is an indispensable tool of DAT studying. The Destroyer attacks questions and provides understandable explanations that allow you to quickly and fully learn the essentials. I highly recommend the use of the DAT Destroyer along with the Math Destroyer in your path to dentistry."

  • BIO 22, GC 26, OC 20
  • — Nikhil
  • July 2012

"The DAT Destroyer is by far the best resource for anyone studying to take the DAT and is a must have for anyone looking to 'destroy' the DAT."

  • Biology: 22 General Chemistry: 24 Organic Chemistry: 29
  • — Mujju Moosavi
  • July 2012

"The DAT was once an exam that I thought I would never be able to surpass. Dr. Romano and his material made studying for the DAT an accomplishable task. The DAT Destroyer prepares you for the DAT like no other material can. The content of the Destroyer is extremely accurate, and is explained in a way that makes it easy to learn from. I don't know where I would be without the Destroyer, this book is essential to have if you plan on taking the DAT

  • Bio 20, Orgo 20, GenChem 20
  • — Phil Kaplan
  • May 2012

"The DAT Destroyer has all of your studying needs in one text. It helps you concentrate on what is important and what you will need to excel on the exam. It is a must have for any DAT student. The Destroyer will not only help you to pass the DAT, but to kill it!

  • Biology: 20 General Chemistry: 27 Organic Chemistry: 20
  • — Ashley
  • August 2011

"If you want to get the job done, than get it right the first time! This would not be possible without the Destroyer. The Destroyer was not just a product, it was a guideline to my success on the DAT. It's accurate, clear and concise explanations helped solidify my foundations. Anyone who plans on taking the DAT without having this book is already at a disadvantage."

  • Bio: 21 Chem:30 O.Chem:25
  • — Khaled
  • August 2011

"The DAT Destroyer helped me accomplish something I don't think I could have done on my own. The Destroyer is a must have if you want great scores on the DAT. It helped me advance 6 points in Bio and Organic, and 5 points in Gen Chem. His hard work and dedication to the sciences is reflected in the results I saw by using the Destroyer."

  • Bio 23, Gen Chem 22, Orgo 23
  • — John "Italian Bear" Tesoriero
  • June 2011

"Mastering the destroyer is the confidence that one needs to tackle the DAT sciences! It will pin point the weakness that one needs to work on and to shed insight on complicated conceptual problems in the sciences. It is definitely the book to get for the sciences of the DAT if a pre-dent student wants to do well!

  • Chem: 26 Orgo: 22 Bio: 19
  • — Mina
  • Feb 2011

"I used the DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer over the summer and it really helped a lot, both as a review and as a learning guide. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to score high on the DAT. Dr. Romano's techniques were clear, simple, and very helpful."

  • Biology: 22, General Chemistry: 24, Organic Chemistry: 27, Math: 19
  • — Yoni Rosenstein
  • August 2010

"I have studied for the DAT using every product ever made. Destroyer is the key to getting a 20+ on the sciences. It was the #1 source I used this time around and my scores jumped 5-8 points on the DAT!!! I didn't think the average student could get the scores I got until I found the right resource. I even shocked myself. Thank you Dr. Romano for creating Destroyer and making my future a success!

  • Bio 21, Gen Chem 24, Orgo 22
  • — Morvarid M.
  • August 2010

"Hey I just want to say thank you sooo much I took my DAT for the 2nd time and went from a 16 to 21 in math, 20 in OChem to 25, 20 to 23 in GenChem, and 17 to 20 in Bio after using your product."

  • Ochem 23, GenChem 23, Bio 20
  • — Chris
  • August 2010

"The DAT and Math Destroyer were by far the most valuable tools I had in studying for the DAT. Going through the sciences in the DAT Destroyer not only covered all the topics found on the DAT but also instilled a lot of confidence- the Destroyer is quite challenging at first, so if you know the Destroyer, you will know everything on the DAT. Math Destroyer was the ONLY resourced I used for QR, and it really paid off!

  • Math 27, Orgo 26, Gen Chem 26, Bio 23
  • — Judah
  • August 2010

"The Destroyer is the best book for DAT preparation. The questions and explanations are invaluable because they are very informative and cover all topics necessary for the exam. I would not have received the scores I did if it weren't for the Destroyer. I highly recommend it!

  • BIO-26 CHEM-30 ORGO-22
  • — EE
  • August 2010

"I truly couldn't have scored as well in the sciences without the DAT Destroyer. I far exceeded my expectations."

  • Biology: 20, Organic Chem: 20, General Chemistry: 22
  • — Charles
  • August 2010

"The DAT is tough in that it tests such a wide span of the natural sciences, and without the Destroyer I would never have been able to attain a firm grasp on all 3 science sections. The solutions were more valuable than the questions, and studying them instilled a deep understanding of the sciences tested on the DAT."

  • Orgo 26, Bio 23, Chem 22
  • — Michael
  • September 2009

"If you are thinking about taking the DAT , DO NOT take it without the DAT Destroyer. Unlike other preparatory DAT materials the DAT Destroyer is on target! Do yourself a favor and get the Destroyer."

  • Orgo 24, Genchem 24, Bio 23
  • — Liron
  • August 2009

"I studied with other materials, but nothing even came close to the DAT Destroyer. After using the Destroyer I raised my Gen Chem score from a 16 to a 22. As the Vice President of the Pre-Dental Association at my university, I enthusiastically encourage all students to use the Destroyer and I never have met anyone that would disagree."

  • Bio 22, Gen Chem 22, Orgo 20
  • — Joe M.
  • August 2009

"The Destroyer is a great book for the DAT preparation. It covers 100% of the science section. I studied with my college textbooks to reinforce the concepts I covered in the Destroyer. Solving questions in the Destroyer was important but it was even more important to read and understand the answers. In his answers, Dr. Romano offers a clear and simplified way to solve complex problems."

  • Orgo 30, GenChem 30, Bio 29
  • — "IK"
  • August 2009

"The DAT Destroyer is hands down the best resource available for the DATS. I attribute my success on the DATS to the countless hours I spent studying that book cover to cover. The challenging and thought provoking questions in partner with the Orgo road maps really prepare you for anything the DAT can throw your way. I would not even attempt to take the DAT without having the Destroyer right by your side."

  • Bio 23, Chem 24, Orgo 29
  • — Reuv S.
  • August 2009

"The DAT Destroyer was the most useful tool helping me achieve these scores. I went through the Destroyer several times and found it similar to what was on the actual DAT!

  • bio 22, gchem 22, orgo 27
  • — Mal
  • August 2009

"Mastering the Destroyer was no piece of cake. It was understanding the material that really helped me excel on the DAT. The DAT Destroyer was the most useful tool and it really gave me the strongest boost. The General Chemistry was dead on target, the Organic was mind blowing and the Biology was so vast that it was my primary tool in understanding every single concept. The Destroyer is a must have for anyone who wishes to learn, excel and achieve."

  • Orgo: 26, Bio: 20, G Chem: 23
  • — Paul
  • August 2009

"I just wanted to thank you for your amazing study materials! I took the DAT this morning and got the score I wanted! The orgo book helped me a lot and the bio questions seemed really easy compared to the question in the DAT destroyer! I'm glad I found out about the destroyer and I will recommend it to all my friends. Thanks again."

  • Bio 27, Gen Chem 26, Orgo 21
  • — Pegah
  • August 2009

"I first thought about taking my DAT in June of 2007 and after a few weeks of studying I stumble upon the DAT DESTROYER. As a non traditional applicant, the material was challenging and very real -- So I decided to postpone my DAT for the following summer while studying from destroyer. With 3 acceptances on December 1st, studying the from that book was the best choice I have ever made."

  • Bio 20, Orgo 20, Chem 19
  • — Ed

"If you can master the Destroyer, you will be more than prepared for the DAT. The Destroyer is very challenging, so make sure you have a good foundation. If you are serious about getting into dental school, use the Destroyer."

  • Bio:19, Gchem:24, Orgo:24
  • — Elliot

"Dr. Romano has definitely developed the formula for achieving success on the DAT; the "DAT Destroyer". The Destroyer allowed me to fill in all the gaps and pinpoint what areas needed more attention to detail."

  • Biology-24, general chemistry-22, organic chemistry-23
  • — Noam

"The Destroyer is the DAT Bible. It will prepare you, as nothing else will. However, I recommend it be used in a reference guide format to point out your weaknesses, then go back, and solidify your knowledge from textbooks. A very big thank you to Nancy Steen and Dr Romano!

  • Bio 19, Gen Chemistry 21, Organic Chemistry 21
  • — Jide

"The DAT Destroyer was an essential part of my preparation for the exam. It trained me to think through difficult problems, and gave me a deeper understanding of important concepts. It provided only relevant material, using pneumonic devices to help it all stick. I spent more time with it than any other book, and I believe I had a significant competitive advantage over those who did not. I would not allow a friend to take the test without knowing Destroyer inside-out first."

  • Chem 24, GenChem 22, BIO 19
  • — Meir

"The instant I opened the DAT Destroyer it became obvious that it was the most rigorous, challenging, detailed and thorough of DAT study materials in existence. The DAT Destroyer gave me the reassurance that I was doing everything in my power to ace the DAT. As a result, I've been interviewed and accepted at some of the top schools in the country! THANK YOU Dr. Romano for helping me turn my dreams into reality!!!

  • Bio - 22, Gen Chem - 22 Orgo - 23
  • — Padma

"The DAT Destroyer was the most comprehensive tool I used in preparing for the sciences. It really equipped me with the knowledge and mind set I needed for the DAT. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting into dental school. I have already received acceptances from Stonybrook, Temple, Ucon and NYU."

  • — Homer

"There is a lot of competition to get into Dental School and I wanted the edge. The "DAT Destroyer", was by far was the most valuable study tool and it allowed me to score higher than my expectations on the 2007 DAT...Thanks Dr. Romano..."

  • Organic Chemistry 23, General Chemistry 22 Biology 26
  • — Julian

"Gen Chem and OChem were my weak areas...DAT Destroyer was invaluable for these sections and I would recommend it to anyone who feels insecure in those areas. Dr. Romano and Nancy Steen were also wonderful - it was great having their help and support."

  • Bio 21, Gen Chem - 29, Organic - 29
  • — Theresa

"Before getting the DAT Destroyer, I took another diagnostic test and found out that I was not doing so well on the Gen Chem and Orgo sections. I then bought the DAT Destroyer. The explanations were simple and straight to the point. There were questions that I couldn't find anywhere else. The DAT Destroyer gave me more confidence in the Gen Chem and Organic!

  • Bio 22, Gen Chem - 29, Organic - 22
  • — Dean

"When I started studying for the DAT, I would have considered myself lucky to break 20 on Gen Chem. I ended up with a 23 on the real thing - my lowest in the sciences...suffice to say i was ecstatic!  The DAT Destroyer is essential.  The explanations are great and covers what you will need to know.  It's tough, but master it and the real thing will be a breeze!

  • Bio 26, Gen Chem - 23, Organic - 28
  • — Joyce

"I came across the DAT Destroyer by chance while looking for study materials - after a not so successful first attempt at taking the DAT. It turned out to be one of the best resources I could possibly find.  f I had to do it again, I would use the destroyer every time, but thankfully I wont have to. My scores improved tremendously, I was able to bring my total science score up from a 16 in my first attempt to a 22 and to my own amazement, my Bio score went up 9!!! points. Thank you Dr. Romano and Nancy for all of your help, I'm glad our paths crossed, you guys rock."

  • — Phil

"In studying for this test, my most useful and most efficient study guide was the DAT allowed me to achieve a total science score of 26! It is a study guide meant for the serious student, and it will provide you with the science background needed to succeed on the DAT."

  • Bio - 24, Gen Chem - 26, Organic - 28
  • — Abe

"I could not have done it without you! Besides my success on the DAT exam, the confidence you gave me to get through the whole application and interview process was incredible. May you continue to inspire your students to succeed in their scientific studies!

  • Bio 21, Gen Chem - 22, Organic - 28
  • — Rob

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  • Bio - 20, Gen Chem - 25, Organic - 25
  • — Larry

"DAT Destroyer is hands down the most useful study guide I've used. I've used everything out on the market plus a prep course which was not a fraction of what I got out of destroyer. If I could go back, I would've spent all my time with The DAT Destroyer. It goes over all the concepts you need plus more to solidify the fundamentals of the natural sciences, Plus Dr. Romano and Nancy Steen are simply awesome."

  • Bio 23, Gen Chem - 22, Organic - 21
  • — Juni

"DAT Destroyer is your best bet! This book blows the competition out of the water and it has improved my scores across the board. It is a very worthy investment and I can honestly say it readies you for any question that the DAT can throw at you."

  • Bio - 19, Gen Chem - 21, Organic - 25
  • — Eric

"Dr. Romano's wagon got me into some of the most competitive dental schools in the country--Columbia, Tufts and Stony Brook just to name a few. I also received tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships. I am forever indebted to him for his dedication, enlightening & priceless instruction. We made it!!!

  • — Victor

"For all that you taught me, for the confidence you gave me, for showing that you really care and most of all, for your part in the 20+ science scores on my DAT. Thank You !! YOU MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE!!!

  • — Hershey

"Just took the DAT and scored a 24 on the ORGO. Thanks so much, I couldn't have done it without you."

  • — Debora h

"Thanks to Dr. Romano's study materials I scored a total science score of 21 on the DAT. I will be a future dentist and could not have done this without his help.  Dr. Romano gives 100 percent to all his students!

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