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Physics Destroyer

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Physics Destroyer

Simply put, Dr. Romano has created a masterpiece! Orgoman Physics showcases 148 problems including rare type of work incorporating Vectors, Motion, Momentum, Newton's Law, Energy, Work, Power, Fluids, Waves, Electronics, Circuits, Capacitors, Transformers, modern physics (including deBroglie Wavelength problems, Magnetism, and Optics). This workbook also includes a group of 10 problems specifically geared toward the AP exam. Dr. Romano has intricately created these 10 problems to simulate what is encountered on the AP test. Each problem will test multiple concepts, and will be very helpful especially for those who seek a more rigorous treatment of the material. Whether you are preparing for SAT II Achievements, OAT, MCAT, or the AP Physics exam, you will be extremely well-prepared with this work. As always, each of the multiple-choice problems include step-by-step, detailed solutions. If you want to excel in this tricky section of your exam, this product will prove vital.