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How similar is DAT DESTROYER to the actual DAT exam?

First, let me say, there are no "DAT SECRETS". No one can give you the exact problems. We are showing you how to build a foundation that will help you achieve a high score on the DAT. Ask any oral surgeon, periodontist, or prosthodontist about secrets to achieve success and I am sure that they will agree that there is only hard work, perseverance, dedication, and proper preparation. If you know all of our questions and study, it will give you a good foundation in the basic sciences. It is very similar in content to the actual DAT as Dr. Romano has interviewed his many students that have already taken the DAT. The questions are slightly more difficult, but the explanations are very detailed and clear. Practicing these solutions will allow you to handle a wide-range of potential questions.

What makes ORGOMAN products unique?

Simply put, it was designed by a Doctor who teaches physics, biology, chemistry and organic chemistry along with his DAT and MCAT courses. He has personally interviewed hundreds of students about the DAT exam and knows the terrain better than anyone. See the testimonials on the web site with more to follow from his groups that are taking the DAT in the upcoming months.

What is the best way to study for the DAT?

First of all, the DAT Destroyer is not for students looking for a "Magic Bullet". It is expected that a student have reasonable foundations in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and basic math. Without these tools, it is unrealistic that the DAT Destroyer, or any other course, could compensate for the lack of fundamentals. For example, a student that has not taken Organic II will be very hard pressed to score high in the Organic section without the proper course work. Dr. Romano has geared the DAT Destroyer for the most serious student, not for the student looking for an easy way out or a miracle to occur.

Who developed the Orgoman products?

All of our materials with the exception of the Math were written solely by Dr. Romano. Dr. Jim Romano holds two degrees in Organic Chemistry and Dental Surgery from the University of Miami and New York University, respectively. For the past 30 years Dr. Romano's materials have been accessible only to his classroom students. Dr. Romano teamed up with co-owner and marketing expert, Nancy Steen as well as William and Mary business graduate, Jessica Hayden. With their help it has allowed him to offer products online, making them now available to students nationwide.

How long will it take to receive my materials?

All orders are processed the same day if received before 7pm EST. All USA orders are shipped via federal express and take approx 5 business days to arrive.

Do you ship internationally and is there an additional charge?

We only ship to US and Canada.

Can I get overnight shipping?

If you would like overnight shipping, email us your address so we can calculate the additional fee.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our materials, we do not offer refunds, no exceptions. Please make your choices carefully before placing the order.

Am I guaranteed to get a high score if I use your materials?

There is no guarantee that our materials will help you obtain a high score. However, students in our classrooms or who use our materials across the country score above average on the exams.

How do I study?

We recommend that you have a good foundation before tackling the Destroyer. The Destroyer is very challenging - as is the test. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the level of work in the Destroyer prior to taking your exam. Know all the correct choices as well as the incorrect ones.

How much time should I allow to finish the Destroyer?

Each student is different, study until you feel comfortable with the level of work in the Destroyer.

Any tips or advice?

The best advice I can give any student is "Do not take the test until you are completely prepared. It is a mistake to take the test as a trial run. Some schools are starting to look at the number of times a student has taken the exam as a tool to eliminate students. If you do not feel comfortable as test day approaches, reschedule, no big deal."