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  • Organic Chemistry Odyssey
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I have included in the 2017 DESTROYER book many new problems that will test basic Anatomy and Physiology, and basic Genetics.   These areas are being taught more often now in the General Biology courses to prepare students for the challenges of medicine, dentistry, and science that lies on the road ahead.

Organic Chemistry has a few surprises as well, such as naming spiro compounds, understanding simple synthetic procedures and reaction mechanisms.

I have also added several new General Chemistry questions that will challenge you to think theoretically as well as quantitatively.

In recent years more and more pre-med students change paths and decide to become dentists, dental-specialists, and oral surgeons. Thus, it is not surprising at all that this DAT and OAT test is becoming much much harder!!!   With that in mind, NOTHING is overkill as I sometimes hear from students who usually perform poorly. You need to be ready for anything. Do you know what controls the flow of blood between heart chambers?    How about homeotic genes or co-evolution between bumblebees?  Know the Destroyer Cold; everything is on target to Destroy the DAT.  The new DESTROYER will explain this nicely! 

Wishing you the best in your studies!

The 2017 Math Destroyer contains 720 math problems divided into 18 tests each with 40 questions. This section has become much more challenging so don’t let a low score on this section keep you from your dream.

The Math Destroyer covers every topic of math that you will encounter when taking the test and teaches you different ways to solve each problem. The difficulty of the questions ranges from easy to challenging.  Know all the work in the Math Destroyer, no shortcuts to a high score.

The Math Destroyer prepares you to score high in the QR section.

We only sell the most current 2017 editions on our website.

Due to the nature of our materials all sales are final, make your selections carefully. We do not offer refunds. All orders are shipped via federal express or USPS and will deliver in 5-7 business days. No books are shipped on weekends or holidays.

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Orgoman products are unique from anything you've seen before! These books were intricately and exclusively created by Dr. Jim Romano, NYU doctoral graduate, dental surgeon and top educational science tutor. After many years of guiding students to graduate school success, he is finally making this cutting-edge, proven material available to students nationwide through

Dr. Jim Romano

Dr. Jim "OrgomanTM" Romano

Dr. Jim Romano holds two degrees in Organic Chemistry and Dental Surgery from the University of Miami and New York University, respectively. Dr. Romano was fortunate enough to study extensively under world famous chemists such as Drs. Mills, Hare, Eschegoyen, Schultz, Oratz and Bartolotti in specific areas of chemistry, physics and biochemistry.

Nancy Steen

Nancy Steen - Co-owner

When Dr. Romano approached me with an idea for offering his DAT course and other science materials online I seized the opportunity. I began working closely with Dr. Romano at his tutoring institute, Romano Scientific, in Staten Island, NY and it soon became apparent to me that those students who followed his guidance and studied his materials reached great success.