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The 2016 Destroyer is easily our Best. In anticipation of the 2016 DAT changes the Biology has section had many new questions that require you to think harder and understand concepts rather than just memorize a fact? Many new questions have been added. The chemistry is as always challenging! I have made most of these questions challenging thus if you can master will likely not only hit a home run, but a grand Slam.

Test #16 and 17 in the new 2016 Math Destroyer was made in anticipation of the changes to the QR section posted on the ADA website. There are no geometry questions in test 16 and very few calculations are required to solve most problems including new type of statistics and probability questions. The problems included require logical and quantitative reasoning.

We only sell the most current 2016 editions on our website.
Due to the nature of our materials all sales are final, make your selections carefully. All orders are shipped via federal express or USPS and will deliver in 5-7 business days. No books are shipped on weekends or holidays. If you require overnight shipping please contact us for additional fees.
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Orgoman products are unique from anything you've seen before! These books were intricately and exclusively created by Dr. Jim Romano, NYU doctoral graduate, dental surgeon and top educational science tutor. After many years of guiding students to graduate school success, he is finally making this cutting-edge, proven material available to students nationwide through

Dr. Jim Romano

Dr. Jim "OrgomanTM" Romano

Dr. Jim Romano holds two degrees in Organic Chemistry and Dental Surgery from the University of Miami and New York University, respectively. Dr. Romano was fortunate enough to study extensively under world famous chemists such as Drs. Mills, Hare, Eschegoyen, Schultz, Oratz and Bartolotti in specific areas of chemistry, physics and biochemistry.

Nancy Steen

Nancy Steen - Co-owner

When Dr. Romano approached me with an idea for offering his DAT course and other science materials online I seized the opportunity. I began working closely with Dr. Romano at his tutoring institute, Romano Scientific, in Staten Island, NY and it soon became apparent to me that those students who followed his guidance and studied his materials reached great success.